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Withdrawing BAT from your smartphone is (technically) possible!

By Seumiseu | Smithy's blog | 7 Mar 2020

Considering I earn a far greater amount of BAT on my Android browser than my desktop browser, it got me thinking "surely there is a way to withdraw". And then it clicked! After browsing the forums and getting nowhere, I realized this is a possibility!

I could just tip myself from my Android and receive it in my Uphold wallet. Now i'm probably not the pioneer of this idea, however I thought it's worth sharing.

The process is simple, in brief you'll need:


To begin you'll need either your Twitter/Twitch/YouTube/Reddit/Website (you can use as many as you want) and then sign up for Brave Rewards - Creators. You'll get a fun surprise when you sign up or log in which always makes me laugh since I hardly visit the site.

'Brave Rewards - Creators' home page

Following the sign up, you'll then be able to add your channels once you log in. These channels will be the method of which you receive tips from other users and yourself. This part is quite self explanatory, it simply comprises of signing in to your services from the website.

Once everything is all sorted on the Creators page, you can then proceed to tipping yourself. This will be achieved by heading to your channel you linked to your Brave Creators service (Twitter/Twitch/YouTube/Reddit/Website). From there on, you'd need to press the Brave Rewards icon to display the popup balloon and send a tip.

A screenshot containing the BAT rewards balloon to send a tip

Unfortunately tips can only be sent in the form of whole numbers 1 BAT, 5 BAT or 10 BAT, it appears there is no custom amount option. However once sent, you'll receive a confirmation pop up. Your wallet balance may not update right away so be sure to remember your initial balance.

A confirmation message for the tip of 1 BAT sent to my channel

If you are uncertain how much balance you have left or weather the tips have sent, you can access chrome://rewards/donations or navigate to 'Tips' and 'View Details' in the Brave Rewards settings for a statement of all your recent tips.

A statement showing my tips

As you can see, my tips have been sent, and you may be alarmed to see the wallet on Brave may or may not have been updated! I couldn't verify weather the wallet updated due to Uphold updating/an outstanding amount to be added to Uphold etc etc, however I did see my wallet update to some extent. (Please let me know if the wallet in Brave Rewards updates at this point too so I can update this part)

But nonetheless! You can access your Brave Rewards Creators account to verify the funds have been received, as you can see below, my funds were received, however .2 BAT has vanished which I can only assume is down to some fees.

Edit: There is a 5% fee on tips (thanks to reader Bragato18 in the comments!)

A snapshot containing my Creators balance after the tips are sent.

Finally I must advise there is a minimum threshold of 5 BAT before you can withdraw the balance on your creators account however if like me you felt the BAT on your phone is useless without being stored in your wallet (I was stupid enough to disable rewards for months for this reason!), or you are worried you will lose/damage your phone and in turn lose your BAT, or you are migrating to a new phone and cannot find the 'backup wallet' feature the forum so kindly points out (people talking about desktop rather than mobile), then this is perfect for you!

I have tested this on Android, I would imagine this works on iOS as the process shouldn't be marginally different so if on iOS take some caution and verify a small amount first.

I pray for the days we can withdraw BAT from the Browser without Uphold! Believe me I even tried exporting the wallet in the browser and I had no luck.

Thanks ever so much for reading my first article! And thanks for the tips! This is actually my second time writing this as I clicked 'save and preview' noticed an error, pressed the back button and much to my dismay the whole article went back to the very beginning and auto saved the first draft as the new draft. We all learn and I should have noticed the edit button!

With that being said if you are new to Brave browser and have no idea what it is, I would really really appreciate it if you used my referral link. Brave is basically on a mission to change how advertising works by blocking all the ads from everywhere else (works amazingly) and allowing you to decide where you want to send those funds or keep them and HODL them if you desire! Choice is yours!

Again thanks for the read, i'll look forward to all your comments and especially those of you who answer some of the areas I couldn't test!

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