Earn Crypto and Exposure
Earn Crypto and Exposure

I love to write. I have been writing content and producing articles for the last 12 years on various topics and interests as an affiliate for a number of outlets. I literally have thousands of review articles floating in cyberspace on technology and device reviews, for Samsung, LG, IBM, and many more. 

My largest problem was getting paid for all the writing I did. Normally I had to inject an affiliate link to a product to get paid or take payment via an assortment of ways, whether I was hired as a freelance or not, payment has always been an issue.

I found Publish0x and started writing just a few days ago with the platform.

I have seen a few tips and making a little extra on the side, and I'm just starting out, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out in a few more days.

I do podcasts also and have seen more exposure from Publish0x when I wrote a post about why Podcasting is a good way to reach a project's full marketing potential.

YouTube is great but does it really get to the base of people you're looking to reach? Podcasting targets a better venue of a potentially better crowd and by just writing about that, I've seen an influx of project managers reaching out to ask about being on my show.

Meanwhile, I'm earning crypto by just posting my thoughts on the subject.

Publish0x could very well be the single best source for writers and crypto project looking for exposure and content creation.

I will support this new venue for writers and project administrators, simply because it offers incentive and empowerment for both sides in the marketing realm. 

I hope to see Publish0x continued growth expand and continue to offer writers an outlet for both content creation and exposure.

If you're a writer who wants to get some great exposure, give Publish0x a try. It has been great for me and it might be great for you too. 

Sign up now and start earning now.

Jeffrey Allen Kaufman
Jeffrey Allen Kaufman

Podcast Host for Smash and Grab Investments. https://anchor.fm/opportunity-investments A Writer with 1000s of Articles and Reviews. Trusted and Honest Content Creator.


Media Influence Podcast. Get your project out there in the podcast world. Videos are great, but smart projects know who listens to Podcasts.

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