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Should I Invest in Defi Right Now?

The truth is, this is exactly what most of the top investors are doing.

They're Staking and Stacking up on Defi projects dragged down by the market.

This is smart, especially if you want to capture potential returns when the market comes back.

Meanwhile, while you're waiting you can also gain some returns on your investments.

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The Timing Couldn't Be Better...

Believe it or not, right now is the best time to be investing in crypto.

Right now, is one of the most lucrative opportunities in crypto to come along in a number of years. This goes beyond buying the dip, this is like yardsale shopping in a ritzy neighborhood.

The next project that I mention could provide for some great returns in the near to far future, especially when the market gets back to normal.

This is a well-established project, but always DYOR Do Your Own RESEARCH and read the following:

(DisclaimerI am NOT a Financial Advisor. Everything you read in this article was and is meant for entertainment purposes only and should not be misconstrued as financial advice. You should always consult a financial advisor before investing in any investment opportunity and conduct your own due diligence in respect to how you evaluate risks and losses. Always do your own research into any project mentioned in my articles and invest at your own risk.

You might even want to thank me later. In fact, I believe some of you actually will. Maybe, that's if you're an honest investor, and don't take all the credit.

A Great Defi Opportunity 


I had read about DYP not too long ago, but it was totally out of my reach for a solid investment.

Since the market downturn, the price has dropped dramatically, and not caused by the DYP project or caused by a failure in the platform.

The fall in price was purely indicative of the current market situation. Like most projects during this downturn, the price, not the value has dropped. DYP is certainly one of those projects.



With DYP making advancements with its services and recently making headlines, this project is far from a lost cause.

New investors might be hesitant to dive into DYP because of the market price decline, but those who know better can see that DYP is doing very well.

The fall in price for DYP is just a great opportunity for wise investors.

You know, the ones who actually do their research, and actually keep up with information and news reports about projects they're investing in? We call those types of investors, smart.

Need Another Reason Besides Price?



Try out DYP now. You'll see DYP has a ton of promise to offer the Defi world, but if you want specific reasons to invest, continue reading.

Let's take a look at their road map. The areas marked in red have not been completed according to the DYP website.

Oh and yeah I tried to copy-paste this information but had to actually write it due to format. You would be proud Igor! 


  • The Creation of the DeFi Yield Protocol platform
  • DYP Documentation Released
  • Built the DYP ERC-20 Token Smart Contract
  • DYP Community Marketing


  • Token Crowdsale scheduled toward the end of October
  • Uniswap Listing
  • Liquidity Lock
  • Listing DYP in other exchanges
  • Building Smart Contract for Liquidity Mining pools
  • Building Smart Contract for miners
  • Smart Contract Security Audit
  • Add Liquidity Participating Pools
  • Ethereum mining pool Whitelist Launch
  • Launch DYP Governance
  • Launch DYP Referral


  • Launched DYP Stake
  • Launched Smart Contract for Liquidity Mining pools on Binance Smart Chain
  • Launched DYP Earn Vault
  • Building DYP Tools (Adding More)
  • Bridge Built for swapping DYP between BSC and ETH networks (You can buy DYP BSC Tokens)
  • Partnerships (There are tons)
  • DYP Apps Development (Continuous Development)

Q2/2021 ~ Q4/2021

  • Released New UI Design for Main Website and all dApps
  • Launch DYP NFT dApp v1.0
  • Building DYP Launchpad with DYP Tools safety features integrated
  • Launch Ethereum mining pool & yield farming for miners
  • Launch DYP Lending
  • Migration from Uniswap
  • Built-in insurance for all DYP liquidity providers
  • Further extension and project growth in different areas

As a user of the platform and as someone working on the accumulation of DYP for my own investment, I highly suggest that you do your own research into DYP and form your own opinion. That said, my experience with DYP has been great. Both socially and with the app.

They are active on all of the important channels of communication and they run great Twitter and Telegram accounts.

Of course, DYP also has intelligent and strong leadership behind it, with talent and insight that is helping to drive DYP forward on a multitude of levels.

All these things are great and would do well for any project looking to succeed, but all the talent and community, social marketing, and all else is a total failure if the product doesn't meet users' expectations.

This is where DYP has not only succeeded but surpassed expectations. The platform is super easy to use and growing quickly both in users and in the advancement of features.

Best Defi Investments

Again, DYOR into DYP and form your own opinion. I think you'll find yourself clicking that link above to try it yourself when you do.

DYP is an excellent candidate for your time doing investment research. Add it to your list and then remember to come back here in a few months and give me some credit for that new Jacuzzi or Seadoo you managed to get, thanks to my awesome advice. Just kidding, DYOR!!!


This article is one in a series that we will be publishing as DEFI Gems on Publish0x. Stay Tuned for several more Defi Gem Drops on a variety of projects.

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