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The Best Wallet I have is TRUST


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I have used dozens of wallets over the years. I have also used some of the worst wallets known. I can tell you just about all you need to know when it comes to almost every wallet out there.

I have had serious issues with a few wallets as well, and not naming names here, but.... I would stay clear of Coinomi, but I also know that staying away from Coinomi can be hard to do, since it can be hard to find wallets for some coins, unfortunately Coinomi is all you can turn to sometimes.

My issues with Coinomi are simple. I don't trust Coinomi. (You can read my reasons in the comments below, after their damage control troll replies.)

Trust on the other hand, is almost perfect.

I would like to see a few improvements, and these are simple improvements. 

I think if Trust developed their own coin it would be......(Edited) They just did 03/2020! Use the above link to get 10$ USD in free TWT Trust Wallet Tokens.

If TRUST could incorporate a viable function to research coins, with a better graph system and more information, that would be great... 😆

A search engine function for each individual currency. Allowing the user to search a particular coin on Google, directly from the TRUST wallet.

Open Market Data. I think it would be great to know the exchanges for each coin, and get that information when you click the info tab for a coin. Instead of a graph and a binance link, perhaps the exchange listings too?

Change the order of displayed currencies. It would be great to be able to drag and drop wallets into our own order of importance.

What I really would like to see is TRUST creating it's own exchange and incorporate that into the wallet. Basically making the TRUST WALLET a "One Stop Shop" for all your trading and research needs.

Creating their own exchange inside of the wallet, TRUST branded, would be huge.

I think TRUST is very dependable. I think it has plenty of potential for further growth and I feel more secure using TRUST. I like the fluid UI. Very simplistic UI but still has a clean and forward userabilty. Nothing FLASHY at all but clean.

I would love to see TRUST move forward with more concepts. It would be great to see TRUST carry more coins. Still don't understand why they don't have Digibyte or Bitcoin Diamond. Plus a few others I have noticed.


Other Wallets just don't add up. 

In the end, TRUST is the best wallet overall. Nothing can really touch TRUST. It has all you really need at your fingertips. I just wish they would step it up a notch and revolutionize the Wallet concept.

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