The Crypto Podcast Show You Should Catch.

What The Smash and Grab Show is About and Why I do it.

When I first started out in crypto, I was lost. Totally.

100% Tom Hanks on Castaway with a Vollyball and Coconuts, lost.

I had Zero idea how it all worked, what an exchange was or what the f**k I was doing trying to invest in bitcoin.

Learning the hard way may not be the best way, but it provides more experience than any other way of learning.

Trying different things, watching a zillion hours of influencer YouTube shows, buying into shitcoins that completely died out after making their wallets fat and the assortment of learning about the differences between projects and valued currencies.

I was already a podcast host on a very political American "Resistance" show and one day I started talking about Crypto and was heard by someone in a project who told me..."You should do a podcast about Crypto" and that's where it all started.

Today my podcast shows on Smash and Grab are about Crypto, Emerging Currencies, Great Projects, Crypto Related Products, Marketing and everything else having to deal with Crypto.

Crypto Podcasts

Since the conception, I've been taken into some interesting projects, learned a ton about legal marketing, securities, publishing, and actual value when it comes to projects. I had to sign 5 NDA's since 2018 and had 6 FBI background checks. No joke.

I've published 100s of articles, edited and translated 1000s more, and interviewed, edited, erased, re-interviewed, blocked, kicked, fought and scrambled to take my show back and remake it what it is today.

That being my own show.

I have had a project sign me up to host their own podcast and then run me through the ringer solving their own issues with poor written content.

I've have had a project have me sign a contract not to produce any more of my shows while on their team, and I've had projects just waste my time.

Last December that ended with a bang. One of my NDAs ended and a contract was fulfilled and I was free to get back to doing what I wanted to do.

My first show since returning was with PIVX and I couldn't have been prouder.

It was a great show to do after 4 or 5 months of not being allowed to do one and on top of that, it was with a currency that is very well respected in the crypto hemisphere.

We've interviewed PIVX, Anchor Stable Coin, Magnum Wallet, Bounty0x, and many more. Plus we've lended out our talent as well. That talent being me and my ability to interview people with a painless approach that makes it easy, fun and interesting, not just for the listeners but for the interviewees as well.

My show will always be about investment opportunities that can help the little guy, the Average Joe, the hard working family man or woman who can't toss down $20,000.00 bucks on investment opportunities.

Podcast Shows About Crypto

My show will always be about emerging projects and the people behind them.

My show will be about Crypto and everything related to that hemisphere.

My way, with my voice and on my own terms. No more lending out that part of my creativity. Not any more.

I will always be interested in taking part in marketing and development with a project or two but my show is my show, period.

My brand. My product. My show.

Crypto Podcast Show

I'm always looking for new material and new guests. If you are part of a project that can meet my standards of legitimacy and value, feel free to drop me a line on Twitter. 

FYI: We are now hosted on every conceivable outlet for podcasts. Apple, Google, Spotify, and many more.

A total of 12 providers now and growing.

Get in touch. Get heard. 

Thanks for reading!

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Jeffrey Allen Kaufman
Jeffrey Allen Kaufman

Podcast Host for the Smash and Grab Show. Tune in on all your favorite outlets. Main account on Anchor. A Writer with 1000s of Articles and Reviews. Trusted and Honest Content Creator.


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