Dexa Review and where to buy Dexa

DEXA COIN REVIEW: The Social App of Crypto

Ready for a Crypto Interaction Revolution?

I can think of a few social apps built around the idea of having a "Social Media" Facebook like structure in an app mixed with crypto. I'm sure you can too.

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There have been a few of those apps that I honestly really liked. Although all the attempts that I'm aware of, as far as creating a socially enhanced crypto platform, ended up a little lacking in the end. They just didn't quite meet expectations.

One of those apps, Note Blockchain comes to mind. I have NB installed and enjoy using it. I think it has plenty of potential for growth and hopefully they will continue developing it to further it's potential. Another app, like Pi Network for instance, has a similar take on the concept and like NB, has plenty of future potential.

There are other apps like Note and Pi that use the concept of mixing "Social Interaction" with "Blockchain" but they do very little to provide for a full user experience. 

To me, Note Blockchain was the top of the line in terms of social interaction, user experience and crypto.

Now comes DEXA. 

Where to buy DEXA

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There has been a few attempts at creating a social blockchain app, but nothing quite like what DEXA seems to have produced.

All or most crypto-social apps that I'm aware of (feel free to enlighten me) are all centered around their own currency. The wallets connected to these apps are built to hold their token and that's it.

Some of those coins can be exchanged on unheard of exchanges, but for the most part, these apps are focused solely on and around their native currency only.

Which is cool but not as cool as the "Crypto Swiss Army Knife of Social Interaction" like DEXA seems to be. 

Dexa Coin. Where to buy.

Dexa Coin App Review

The concept of mixing social interaction with crypto is an idea I really like.

Although privacy comes to mind when you're thinking about opening up a social profile built around crypto. I think waiting to actually use the app first will be what it takes to learn more about how privacy will work on this format, so for now we'll just have to wait and see on that question.

Where can you buy Dexa Coin?

From what I am aware of, DEXA is a totally different concept in the mixology and biology of social interactive software and blockchain.

Bringing high quality services and social interaction together with popular crypto currencies is what they are promising. With a team that in all appearances seems capable of pulling it off, DEXA might just have a winner in this arena.

Dexa Review

Oh and Yes there is a DEXA coin that is used on the platform like you might imagine but the rabbit hole goes deeper than that.

You will also be able to send and receive other currencies on the platform for free, which is huge. Because like I said, all other projects just use their currency and this makes DEXA a huge challenger in this bracket.

Dexa does more...

From what I've gathered, you will also be able to create groups, text and share media on the app. As well as make and receive phone calls.

The idea of moving from a centered one currency social app to making it possible to transfer funds and other cryptos between other users is a smart idea. 

Ever work in crypto? Then you know how some projects use Skype or Discord or Telegram to do team meetings and to create digital offices of sorts. Although I'm not sure if this is what DEXA would be able to do, again waiting for the app's release, but if it does, that's a concept that would catch on quickly.

Wouldn't you rather be able to work from the same app you get paid with than needing to have several apps to work transfers?

Ok Enough Hype! What is DEXA?

A next generation Social Messenger Platform that will allow users to send Money & Crypto Assets (BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XLM etc) with each other right from the chat box with the person they are communicating with.

The Social Messenger will house all the features you would expect from a solid platform including Voice & Video Calls, File Sharing- Image/Video/Giff, Create Groups and more.

All crypto transactions between users on the platform are absolutely free! The user only utilizes a small amount in DEXA at the time of withdrawal outside the Ecosystem.

Meet the team behind DEXA

If DEXA can deliver what they say they will, you could possibly expect some fast adoption growth and high future returns from this project.

The DEXA team has shown to be actively pursuing the development of their app and have shown to be active on all of their Social accounts. Which is important.

Telegram has been friendly, active and well moderated. 

Twitter is active but could improve in activity a little. Wise investors want to see a stronger presence and more activity. Although throughout DEXA's development, it was active and recently updated their followers with a new peek at the app they're building. 

At the current price and with such great ideas and a hard working team, this could be a great smash and grab opportunity for investors. 

The craze of DeFi and POS (Proof of Stake) crypto should be followed by a craze in products related to crypto. In my opinion, world wide exposure of crypto and it's many uses, will inspire crypto socializing and apps realted to the idea.

Let's see what DEXA does. Hopefully they become that one success in the mixology of social interaction and crypto we are all waiting to see.

DEXA might just set a new standard in the crypto space and hit the mark where other projects missed.

As always do your own research. DYOR And consult a licenced investment broker. All information contained in this article if of a personal opinion, not a professional one. As an investor, you accept all risks and responsibility in how you invest your money, so conduct due diligence and consult a professional before investing in any crypto asset.

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