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Conversation Street #10 - Bitcoin in Blackrock's Crosshairs

By MikeZillo | Smart Crypto Investing | 8 Aug 2022

New review of very interesting news, including the name of Blackrock!

Another big steal occurred onto the Solana network: some millions of dollars equivalent have been stolen from 8000 different wallets. This is the second hack happening onto Solana and some thoughts about “Re-Org” has started. Are we really sure that we can trust this?

APE will be another payment token for the brand Gucci, powered by BitPay. Why do you think that they choose APE and not another more known token instead?
The first governor to make a tangible imprint on how a state can be run is denigrated by mainstream finance.
But if Bukele had not implemented these maneuvers, with traditional finance how could he have fixed the public debt?
By going into debt again and again!

It was a matter of time, and El Salvador served as a test case to try to thwart the digital Youan.
A constant race for perfect crypto philosophy....

Right, indeed very right: crypto does not mean tax evasion.
Regulation is necessary, otherwise it becomes anarchy!

Nothing to object to if the company wants to expand it is okay, also because it is assumed that additional services correspond to an expansion.
Here, on additional services, the fees should be a little lower, otherwise they become useless, and the expansion efforts result in mere speculation by the company!

Blackrock is entering the Cryptomarket. Everyone is yelling at the big news making these kind of calculations

It says that since Bitcoin are maximum 21M and Blackrock manages 10 Trillions (thousands of Billions), “guess the huge wave that is coming”?
At first this news seems to me more like another attempt of regulation/centralization. Secondly, Blackrock is not going to invest all the money into the crypto-space and not all of the customers are going to say “yes” to crypto diversification. Besides, the percentage of the allocation will be of a few percentage points on the allocated assets that agreed to the crypto-diversification. Ending, this allocation will be likely done onto OTC markets, making it almost non-influential for the markets.
So first, make sure to understand very well a news and second, be honest enough to not use a misleading information for marketing and referral purposes!

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Smart Crypto Investing
Smart Crypto Investing

In this section I am going to write about smart ways to create passive incomes and active incomes through cryptocurrencies besides of course news, technologies and projects I am involved in. Anyway, the smart crypto investor is not just a crypto investor, but is someone willing to diversifiy among different businesses. And that is what I am going to talk about. From a multi-year experience in the field of business development and finance, here I am!

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