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By vict0r | smart advertising | 8 Jun 2020

good morning everybody!

I hope you had a great night and your day will be nice and smooth.

For the start of the week I've chosen an simple, but very efficient physical ad about Ballet Classes. The advertiser wanted to use the intrinsic look of the paper cut in the lower part of the page, made especially in that way for the possibility of taking a small note with identification data about that ad (especially a phone number and/or an address). I know, I know, today I'll add an QR code because nobody wants to carry papers anymore and it's safer in the cloud's phone or in browser's history.

But when this ad was made, the technology wasn't so advanced, so take it as it is.

I like it and reminds me of the cute little girls who wants to make this ballet classes.  Enjoy it.


Please leave a comment about this ad to know what is your opinion about it. Thank you :)

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