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By vict0r | smart advertising | 22 Jul 2020

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I will present the way how Marijuana, this controversial plant, is making it's way to our lives (at least in some states from U.S. or some countries in Europe, like Netherlands, for example).



unfortunately, like in other cases

Marijuana advertising works on kids whether they're the intended audience or not, a new study maintains.

According to "Planting the Seeds of Marijuana Use," assembled under the auspices of Elizabeth D'Amico, a licensed clinical psychologist and senior behavioral scientist with the RAND Corporation, the more medical cannabis ads an adolescent sees, the more likely he or she is to use or express an interest in consuming the substance and to view it in a positive light.


We can see that 12 states from U.S. has no restrictions about how Marijuana is advertised and most ads claim that this plant helps reducing medical care costs.

Others claim that by consuming it, the crime rates decreased.


In other cases, the ads are trying to make you understand that having it is making you happier, which is kind of a way to make you to give up and instead of fighting for your happiness, leave the situation as it is and smoke some weed and everything should be ok (for today, in my opinion. And tomorrow, buy more or be depressed.)


Anyway, I'm convinced that marijuana has it's own place in our lives, but don't make it the Holy Grail. Please make your choices wisely.


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