Uniswap Airdrop Receivers Selling for a PS5 in September. Who came out on top?

By Skyfries | Skyfries Report | 3 Dec 2020

If you remember back in September the cryptocurrency alt coin world was sent into a craze by Uniswap.  Every wallet who interacted with the Uniswap platform was airdropped an immense amount of UNI.  Traders instantly flush with wealth surpassing the US Covid-19 Stimulus were selling UNI for $3-5 a token to buy PS5s.  UNI bulls mocked these traders relentlessly with soyjack memes as they believed UNI was going to $7 and beyond (it did briefly touch $7.01).  People could pre-order the PS5 at $399.99 for the digital edition and $499.99 for the standard edition.  In the pre-holiday season with slow manufacturing due to the Covid-19 supply chain troubles the PS5 standard edition is consistently selling in the $730-840 range on ebay.  That is a 43 to 62% increase accounting for shipping costs and sales taxes, which comes out ahead on the 38% increase since the airdrop.  I do not know who could have predicted this, but sometimes it pays to be a gamer.


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