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Post #2 Was first, My bad on that one.

This is the beginning of a long journey in the final fantasy 7 world. This part you find the first character to join your party named Cloud.

Cloud has some attitude that he is better than people and cares zero about anything but himself and GIL.

After the first couple of battles, barret joins your party. You will learn that barret is the leader of a group called Avalanche. With then you are going to place a bomb and blow up one of the mako reactors that pulls energy from the earth to power Midgar.

When you go on to set the bomb you will be presented with your first boss. One TIP When his tail goes up DON'T ATTACK HIM, he will counter-attack. With this battle, it is good to hit with bolt from Cloud. You will want to make sure to hit with one person and wait for a second to make sure his tail stays down.

After you defeat this boos you will that move on the ten-minute timer. You can just press L3 if on PS4 and x3 your way out. It is pretty easy to get out in that amount of time.

Thanks for following along on my final fantasy 7 classic playthroughs.






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