Alien Worlds UI Update - New Strategy For Earning

By skylinebuds | SkyBuds Gaming | 11 Oct 2021

With me moving to NFT gaming and crypto full time I have been trying to find more games to try out. When I kept hearing that alien world had an update I thought I should check it out.

The old game was very basic and kinda garbage really, You could set 2 weapons from the UI, It had no real information on stats at all.

This new update, it has many of the missing features. Let's take a small look at some of the updates and my future plans.

The UI is completely different, When you log in you will see some nice new logos.


On the left, you will see a menu with a place to switch tools, plants,or land. This will also show you the % taken from landowners and TLMs.You can also see some other stats like the amount of TLM staked and liquid.

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Shining takes you to a new place that will allow you to upgrade 4 of the same shinning into a new one

Governance leads you to the place you can stake your TLM.

Missions are new and not yet out but I think it may help the game become more than an idle game.


When you click change tools now you are able to attach 3 of the same tools if you want.


When I logged on I noticed I had some 350 tlm staked and I wasn't interested in putting more than $20 into new more powerful NFTs.

I went and bought 2 drills that equaled to 67 wax or about $19 at the time of purchase. With the 350 TLM I decided to unstable that and purchase a better NFT like an extractor.


The reason I went with an extractor and 2 drills is my NFT mining chance is now over 1%.

They will now be my set up and I'll start to mine again daily hoping for some epic NFTs and earn TLM while I do it

Do you enjoy this new update? Do you think it will allow alien world's to make a come back in the #playtoearngames space?


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