Japanese learning #6: falling of the wagon

By Crazy kappa | Skill acquisition | 3 Nov 2021

Over the weekend I didn't practice any Japanese. Although it isn't the end of the world it is still disheartening especially since I had the opportunity but didn't capitalize on it. I was busy playing a blockchain game called Gods Unchained (something I might write articles about in the future) and didn't want to be bothered with having to open Anki or watch some anime. However, on Monday, I did practice, I learned 0 words, but watched 1 episode of anime, but was too bothered to write an article. I think the issue lay in the fact that I was playing not only at home but during school too. In order to combat this, I will use the chunk learning method, and only play GU during lunch. I don't plan on overcompensating today for the learning I missed, but I do think instead of playing GU when I eat, I'll watch an episode of anime.

Now for my daily learning stats: 

Today I learned: 5 words bringing my total to 454 words

I didn't manage to watch any anime in school today, and I have a AP calc test so  my daily learning is completed because I will be studying for it these evening. 


That's all for today folks. If you've got any tips or tricks feel free to comment them. If you know of a place where I can read manga (especially berserk) in Japanese please let me know.

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Skill acquisition
Skill acquisition

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