Understand Web3 And DeFi: A List Of Resources

By CrypptoCat | SKCrypto | 14 Oct 2022

Web3 and DeFi

Short Intro

Hi there. I create content and do community management for several crypto projects. I often communicate with both crypto users and ambassadors. And from time to time I come across the fact that many of them understand the industry very narrowly, at the level of instruction execution, or very general.

Consequently, many ambassadors do typical web2 work, just creating content and posting it on social media. And users lose money without fully understanding how some features work.

I'm not going to moralize here, but if you're interested in web3, want to participate in ambassador programs, or find a job in crypto, it's a good idea to learn the basics. Here's a list of the fundamental (and not only) resources I've accumulated. It may come in handy for someone.

Some general staff


Smart Contracts

One of the main entities behind decentralized finance is smart contracts.

Moonbeam Ecosystem

I am working on a product that is built on Moonbeam. So a few specific resources:


The list is subjective and not complete. But I think that if you read, watch or listen to at least half of it, you'll understand many topics related to crypto above average. And will ask the right questions, which is much more important. The field is still young, those who invest time in learning will succeed.

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