Kyve ELT Pipeline

KYVE ELT Data Pipeline: An Overview

By CrypptoCat | SKCrypto | 17 Feb 2023

What is KYVE?

KYVE is a comprehensive data engineering platform that enables users to build, manage, and deploy data pipelines with ease. It provides a wide range of data integration capabilities, allowing you to ingest data from different sources, transform and enrich it, and monitor and manage your data pipelines. KYVE also offers features to automate data pipelines and make data management more efficient, as well as the ability to scale data pipelines as the volume of data increases.

Introduction to ELT Data Pipeline

It is logical to use an ELT* (extract, load, transform) approach with KYVE's data lake, as it stores and validates all types of raw data which can be used in multiple ways. This enables users to keep their original data in the database and modify it for various purposes, providing great flexibility.

KYVE actually leverages Airbyte, an open-source data-integration platform where you can easily implement a path for directing data from one place to another. You can imagine Data Pipeline as a custom plug-in source of KYVE’s data into your data management platforms.

The process of bringing KYVE’s data onto your storage platform requires no coding, just a few simple clicks! Making the process of accessing and using trustless data that much easier.

Data Integration

KYVE ELT Data Pipeline provides a wide range of data integration capabilities. This includes the ability to ingest data from various sources, such as databases, files, and APIs. The platform also offers tools to help you transform and enrich your data, as well as the ability to monitor and manage data pipelines.

In a nutshell, KYVE ELT Data Pipeline helps you get data from different places, like databases, files, and APIs. It also has tools to change and add to the data, and it can keep track of the data pipelines.


KYVE ELT Data Pipeline offers the ability to automate data pipelines and make data management more efficient. This means that you can easily set up automated processes to run your pipelines on a schedule, so that you can ensure that data is available and up-to-date. This also helps to reduce manual input and effort, as the data pipelines can be set to run automatically, freeing up your time and resources to focus on other tasks. Furthermore, automated data pipelines ensure that the data is accurate and reliable, allowing you to make more informed decisions.


KYVE ELT Data Pipeline is designed to be a flexible and scalable solution for your data engineering needs. It allows you to easily increase the capacity of your data pipelines as the volume of data your business generates grows, allowing you to keep up with your ever-increasing data demands. With its powerful capabilities, KYVE ELT Data Pipeline ensures that your data engineering projects are able to handle large volumes of data without any difficulty, allowing you to make the most of your data and gain maximum efficiency.

Where to start?

The KYVE ELT-Pipeline allows developers to connect KYVE to their favorite data warehouse or destination.

Starting Airbyte

git clone <>

docker-compose up

Now visit http://localhost:8000

Here is a step-by-step guide showing you how to load data from an API into a file, all on your computer.

Adding the KYVE Source

cd airbyte-integrations/connectors/source-kyve
docker build . -t airbyte/source-kyve:dev

Now visit http://localhost:8000 and follow this guide.

If you are interested in adding data to KYVE, check the documentation for developers here:


KYVE ELT Data Pipeline is a comprehensive data engineering platform that provides a range of features and benefits. It offers the ability to ingest, transform, and enrich data from various sources, as well as the ability to automate and scale data pipelines. This makes it an ideal platform for data engineers looking to build and manage data pipelines.

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