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By CrypptoCat | SKCrypto | 14 Nov 2022

I was an ambassador in several projects before I got my first job in web3. I develop ambassador programs myself, interview future ambassadors, and train and support them.

One of the biggest challenges I face is the lack of understanding that content needs to be created and distributed. Not everyone has their own pumped-up social media channels or star profiles. So, how to distribute the content you make if you are an ambassador?

This is not a far-fetched problem, projects are really appreciated if you can not only create something but also reach the right people with it. 

Be as specific as you can

Great team, innovative product, fast development. This is all a cliché. It looks more like spam. There is no value for the reader. The task is always to be specific, to understand what benefits the user will get from using the product, and why they need it at all. Try to write and talk about the problems that can be solved, not sell.

Think as a user of the product, not as its team

You can create something valuable only if you understand the user's needs. You can translate the latest protocol updates announcement into 3 languages, or you can write a guide on how to use these new features and how users will save time by using them. Both are needed, but the latter is much more critical for the community and for product adoption at the same time.

Make quality content

A modern user is not used to spending a lot of time consuming educational content. They read diagonally or watch your video at 2x speed or even look for only specific information. If they see a machine translation, why would they read your article if they can translate it themselves from the official website just in two clicks?

Make relevant content

It is better to write a guide on testnet or an article on how to use the tool/product/service to achieve goals than a hypothetical large market research. Remember about the usefulness for the reader, everything else is secondary.

Use channels where you can reach the audience organically

Be sure to use hashtags on Twitter. Even without subscribers, it will give several dozen views. The same with Reddit, Linkedin, and Instagram.

Instead of Medium or in addition, create profiles on thematic forums or platforms with an organic audience (Publish0x, Steemit, Bitcoin Talks,, etc.). Instead of YouTube, try TikTok. The algorithms there are such that new users get 400-500 views on the first 3-4 videos, and if the content is of normal quality they can grow into your subscribers.

In general, I recommend making profiles on at least 5-10 different platforms and sometimes posting content everywhere, rewriting and changing it (to prevent a ban for posting unoriginal content).

Share what you do with the community

So you will get regular readers and subscribers. Subscribe to other ambassadors and like their posts, so ranking systems will show them more willingly. We are all in the same boat.

Use local media

Many countries have their own resources where the crypto community lives. On some of them, you can register and start writing. On others, you can contact the team and ask about possible terms of cooperation. This will help the team create a list of projects for paid advertising and collabs and possibly cooperate with them in the future.

Promotion using reposts and comments

Make a list of 10-20 crypto projects with an active audience (exchanges, wallets, media, influencers, VCs, funds, etc.). Repost or leave comments with organic information about your project. Important: it should not be spam, but relevant answers.

I don't suggest spamming every post with the #crypto hashtag on Twitter. But to support discussions, organically weaving in mentions of your product or service, why not? Many projects are engaged in crowd marketing. How ethical is it? I think it is ethical if you do it adequately and skillfully. Although it takes a lot of time.


Remember that our task as ambassadors is to help the project grow. Not just to get tokens for some actions. The project wins, everyone wins. In the end, you will earn more if everything works out:)

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