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Manipulation is the name of the game.

Suddenly everyone started talking about AI and cryptocurrencies that promise revolutions and 100x appreciations and quickly forgot about the Martians coming to invade Earth. It's like a parenthesis, waiting for the next plandemic or the next war.

A year ago we were all talking about the Metaverse. Anyone who didn't talk about the Metaverse in his/her conversations was out of the loop. Today nobody remembers the Metaverse. Even Sugar Village itself, which changed its company name to META, now says it's going to go into AI.

But it seems that the final blow was given by the always hilarious, eccentric, and clownish Elon, the lord of the puppies, who says that he is going to leave crypto to dedicate himself to AI.

From my point of view, AI is a pipe dream. Any software is written by a human. When they talk to me about Machine Learning, it is clear that the algorithms that "teach" the machine were written by humans, and that the machine can be "taught" something perfectly oriented to the particular interests of those who wrote the software that teaches. If we want to talk about artificial, we must totally eliminate human interaction, and that is impossible. If we want to talk about intelligence, we have to talk about sensory abilities, reasoning, and the ability to learn, and that doesn't happen with any software or with any machine, because of what I just said before. We then enter a kind of spiral that always leads us to a human starting point, nothing artificial. For believers, humans would be the "gods" of computers.

But the reason for this post is not to talk about the metaphysical philosophy of AI, but rather the incredible use that is being given to this label to attract the unsuspecting to purchase software and applications that existed long ago, but that, until now, they were not part of the AI universe.

Can anyone imagine what AI can be in the hands of the greatest information manipulators ever known to mankind, such as Meta, Google, and friends?

All written history is somehow manipulated because it is written by the victors. More than 80% of the literature on Napoleon is written by Englishmen. But when a biography of Napoleon written by Frenchmen falls into your hands, the point of view and historical perspective is totally different. However, people believe one and the other without much analysis.

With AI tools you can misinform people so much that you can even create a parallel story, a parallel universe, a mirage that new generations can get trapped in and only realize when it's too late.

Certainly, alluding to the AI algorithms, which were programmed by human beings, a person can come to believe that what such an emperor said at the time of his time is true, and not a manipulation that suits the power on duty.

Using the Machine Learning argument, which is hand in hand with AI, one can come to think that machines think and that they are "learning". A greater stupidity than the stupid that conveys an idea of these. The algorithm that “teaches” the machine is written by a human, who can receive orders from a superior to tell him/her “how to teach the machine”. This, far from becoming a useful tool, can become the most hypocritical and bloodthirsty tool of universal domination.

Before I continue, some may think that I should apologize for my somewhat direct style. Recently a Google employee treated me disrespectfully (?!). Can you believe it?

An employee of a machine that uses my data for profit without giving me anything in return, calls me disrespectful? Is this the new artificial intelligence? Anyway, I'm not going to change my style. If I have some followers, it's supposed to be because of my style, right? Out of respect for them, I'm going to continue being “disrespectful”.

In recent weeks I have been analyzing the publications on what some call Artificial Intelligence. The result of this research is that everything is called AI today, to ride the planetary wave of AI, and sell software, ads in applications, answers to philosophical problems, electronic art, cures for insomnia, tarot, cryptocurrencies, clothes, and pets. I'm going to show you a little list of my research.


Example #1. Generation of Images with AI. The fascinated user says that this app has been an invaluable tool in his creative process. He claims to have allowed him “high-quality-custom images easily and quickly, which “interpreted the content of his post”. I'm not denying the utility of an app like this, especially if you're in a hurry. But there is nothing artificial about it because the associative search responds to a database built by humans and that is fed back by algorithms written by humans. I find it impossible to call this “intelligent”.


Example #2. Website design with AI. This seems incredible to me. This is neither intelligent nor artificial. It is a random robot that builds “stunning” sites receiving basic information about your business or brand, such as the name and type of business. It seems to me that, soon, all the sites will be the same site, but with different names. No more human creativity. Now everything depends on who programmed the site designer algorithms, and their learning processes. But where is the intelligence?


Example #3. AI photo rejuvenation. I think there is no need to analyze too much here. Filters and image retouchers have been around for as long as smartphones have been around, only now, to ride the AI wave, they're also part of the AI suite. Almost a tease.


Example #4. Music generation with AI. Madonna Santa! Imagine what this means for a musician of Italian origin like me! The combination of chords and tones follows a logical harmonic sequence that is combined with art from human genius. Who can be in such a hurry or tight as to have to entrust the art to an algorithm written by a human who probably has totally different musical tastes, and “teach” the machine to think of new symphonies? This, besides being ridiculous, is dramatic. All the music generated by machines will tend to a harmonic combination without surprises, without the creative addition of the human. Let's hope we won't all be singing military marches in a few decades. On top of that, as if that were not enough, the application clearly specifies that "You don't have to know music” to use it. Precisely! And they call this intelligence instead of stupidity. It will be used by those who do not know anything about music. And here we go with centralized standardization.


Example #5. Editing podcasts with AI. If you don't know how to speak correctly, or the dog just barked when it was recorded, there is an "artificial intelligence" application that edits your podcast. Publishers of any type of content have existed for quite some time. Only, now, we call them AI, because this is the new wave. The former apps are not from AI, but these are, so don't let them confuse you.


Example #6. Creation of brand images with AI. That is to say, a random algorithm that chooses with some criteria, names, brand images, and logos, and even suggests the campaigns to carry out and the budgets to invest. Just upload photos, scene descriptions, and the art director's shoe size, and you're done! You have everything figured out! (with the parameters programmed by some humans, who have probably been hired by your competition). Honestly, it doesn't seem very intelligent.


Example #7. Creation of content for posts with AI. Only for frustrated or asshole writers. Let's entrust the creation of our post to an AI algorithm. Of course, do not tell your girlfriend that an AI application wrote it, because she probably thinks you are an asshole, breaks the engagement with you, and marries someone else. In that case, you will be a new victim of AI. I wonder, which obscure library will this app go to for content to present or learn? Is not everything already written? Are all posts going to be the same? Is it the unification of universal thought? Where is intelligence? And the quality of artificial?


Example #8. Building presentations with AI. This app is very funny. It expressly says “you don’t have to be a design genius to make slick, professional presentations”. Of course not! Quite the opposite! You have to be a graduate asshole to entrust your presentations to a standard algorithm that will provide similar benefits for all products and all companies in all countries. The app claims to use “advanced algorithms and NPL, natural language processing technology” (?!) to understand what you’re trying to say. This reminds me of bank robots when you have a problem and they start sending you to the FAQs so you don't puff their balls up too much. This is shit. If you cannot make your own presentations, it is because you have no idea what you are going to present. And don't ask the AI for help, because the AI was probably programmed by an asshole like you.


Example #9. AI clothing test. I find it hard to believe that this application can be called AI. In 1994 I brought a business opportunity to Argentina called Styles on Video, which consisted of testing various hairstyles preloaded in a library on the facial photo taken by a machine to a person, which was very successful in Shopping Malls. But none of us would have thought of calling this AI because they would have kicked us to the ground. Well, it seems that now, the application in question tries on your clothes and shows you how you look with them on, so you can choose. Don't f*ck with me! Where’s the intelligence? And where is the artificial? How ridiculous! The application speaks of a "virtual version of you." No words.


Example #10. Conversion of audio content to blog posts with AI. How long have these kinds of apps been around? Have they now remembered that they belong to the revolutionary world of AI?


Example #11. Creation of short videos from extensive content with AI. It's easy, the app reads, and then it goes to a library fully loaded by humans or their machine learning algorithms, and they generate a video that has to do with what it read. This leads us to the fact that very soon all the videos will be similar, even when one refers to the pessimistic vision of Arthur Schopenhauer and another to the illegal hunting of seals. Don't try to convince me that this is artificial, much less that it's intelligent.


Example #12. The capture of insights from meetings with AI. It turns out that one starts filming a meeting, and later, this application tells you what the highlights were. Of course, according to what someone programmed as highlights. It is not going to be that there is some kind of manipulation. A special app for artificially intelligent employees.


Example #13. Generation of the perfect stock photos with AI. Can anyone tell me what the perfect stock photo is? In this case, calling this artificial intelligence is almost an insult.


Example #14. Text generation to increase conversions with AI. That is, if you don't know what to do to make a prospect become a client, confess it to the AI and you will have a winning text, based on the analysis of your prospects and the media to which they are exposed. This was called business intelligence until recently. Now it's called artificial intelligence, even though it's clear that it's all done by humans, not machines, and what's called artificial intelligence is exactly the same as human intelligence. They tell me that with AI it is much faster. Ok, so let's call it “light-speed intelligence” and not AI.



I suppose something close to the concept of AI must have been felt by Ada Lovelace, the first female computer programmer in the 19th century when she reasoned that computers had applications far beyond simple computation and published the first algorithm intended to display the machines' ability to solve complex problems.

As can be seen in that little list, upon receiving the orders to change the entire mainstream to AI, a complete collection of software that already existed was included under the hard-to-believe name of Artificial Intelligence. There is great danger that someone thinks that computers can love or delight in the smell of a fruit orchard in the summer twilight, feel the touch of sand and sea in bare feet, or taste a tomato grown in the owner's garden. But this will never be possible, due to the nature of things. In any case, the so-called AI these days is the same thing that Ada Lovelace thought of with her algorithm.

In any case, all computers and all applications constitute a sample of AI, if such a term could exist.




Thank you for reading! Decentralize yourselves as much as you can, and much more! Work for yourselves, not for others. When you work for someone else, they pay you what YOUR POSITION is worth, when you work for yourself, they pay you what YOU are worth. No one achieves financial independence by working as an employee. Live long and prosper!

Never forget:


As usual, none of the things written in this post are financial advice and are not intended to replace personal research. My sole intention in writing this post is informative. Several of the things discussed here could be wrong, so in no way can this post be construed as financial advice, and in no way should it replace your own research.


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