The DEXToken, a better place for Decentralized Finance DEXTokenDeFined

The DEXToken, a better place for Decentralized Finance DEXTokenDeFined

By Sirbhino | sirbhinz | 18 Oct 2020


The DEXToken Protocol, a new project that promote decentralized Exchange.

The DEXToken Protocol is a new project aims to develop the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) into a well-built ecosystem. Its main feature is the implementation of the so called Speculative AMM (Automated Market Make), an improve version of Constant AMM. The main goal of such Speculative AMM is to smoothly improve token price reducing the volatility which is affected by the order’s quantity end up in a price slippage. On the other hand, DEXG price with its speculative AMM provide a reasonable price conversion model with a smooth price slippage and low volatility (, thus improving and bring a more suitable decentralized medium of exchange.

Reflection on the DEXToken Protocol and its token, $DEXG.

I am now in cryptocurrency for about 8 months, thanks to this pandemic, it brings me about this so called cryptocurrencies, pi network as the first project I had dealing with. At first I was triggered with stress due to the COVID-19 and I really don’t know how to deal with this psychological sickness brought by this pandemic. So I did readings and one that I wasted my time and effort is to know about this so called cryptocurrency. I study about bitcoin, Ethereum, and the so called pi network, a new project that I think, it will also dominate the crypto world. This brought me better ways to deal with anxiety.

In this 8 months of studying cryptocurrency, I was able to list sort of risks, that includes volatility, and centralized finance. First I want to discuss my understanding about centralized finance. This such kind of economic model, a global finance system, is already at its most aggressive stage that take advantage with its features, protecting the wealth of the country men as the top goal of the system. In this notion, the big fishes take advantages on the system taking all advantageous way to accumulate wealth by different ways, such transaction fee, inflations and so on (We discuss this in a different blogs), in return, the future generation suffer with a very complicated global system.

But this will soon end, thanks to bitcoin and its blockchain system. With human intelligence and the current technology and bitcoin and the internet, the Etereum was develop to fuel the internet finance system giving the people the power to control their own wealth. The Ethereum blockchain has now the feature of decentralized finance making it possible for a peer to peer exchange reducing the control of a centralized third party that almost accumulate most of the wealth of the people. Yet, volatility is one of the reason why most of the people have the fear to adopt with cryptocurrency (even me). IT would bring fear to them considering that it is not physical assets and much of us are not yet computer literate (e.g. a guys with 2 mobile phones used for text, call and social media only). They are afraid that their financial capability would become lesser value. Volatility is really a factor in this cryptocurrency adaptation.

Thanks to this speculative AMM that would bring number of newbie in the crypto world. With this feature (less volatility and decentralized finance) I am sure that it would attract new crypto people to giving them their own bank system and bringing the wealth distributed within the people. As they say “the Creator has created the wealth that would equally benefitted all human being”.


Note: I am new to crypto currency and I am really amazed with all of this features. I am open for collaboration and I will be amazed if I can learn from my reader.






A young professional in the fields of engineering, cryptocurrency and science and technology. Big fan of modern educational system.


Hi, I am bhino, a new crypto guy fall inlove with blockchain and decentralization. I am new with cryptocurrency with less than a year experience.

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