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By Sir Snorfkin | Sir Snorfkin Reviews | 11 Apr 2021

Welcome to Craft Brews on the Blockchain!*

The blockchain universe is rapidly expanding, and with this comes a wide range of unique gaming projects which bring in new and exciting ideas. In its current form as an open alpha game, CryptoBrewMaster allows users to hop into the world of craft brewing, without the need for all the painful bureaucracy of actually trying to own your own brewery! This relatively new game takes a different approach to the world of NFTs and gaming, allowing users to design their brewing or manufacturing strategies around numerous approaches.  Want to hear more about Sir Snorfkin's review of the game? Let's dive in!

*Transparency note: The views expressed in this review are solely based on observations and research conducted by the author. The author has not received any sponsorship or payment from CryptoBrewMaster for writing this article, and therefore the opinions formed are independent of any external influence. 



As mentioned in the introduction, CryptoBrewMaster puts users in the role of "Brewing Master" within its metaverse, and the visuals of the game, while simple, are reminiscent of many point and click adventure games. Users generally stick to the town square, where one can view all the available buildings for brewing, producing ingredients, and doing quests. The visuals look very great and consistent throughout the game, and the in-game ingredients also match the same consistent art style. It is obvious when playing the game that the developers worked hard to create this unique art style which works very well throughout the game! As the game continues to grow over time, the development team is sure to add more interesting visuals to the game. 


The Main Town Square in CryptoBrewMaster


At first glance, CryptoBrewMaster does not seem like a complex game, as the main goal is to brew various beers and sell them at an optimal profit margin. In reality, there is a lot more underneath the surface. Players can rent various production buildings and create a strategy based solely around the production of goods, rather than ever brewing beers, and frequent competitions reward players for various activities, thus encouraging players to adjust their approach to the game in order to get rewards. Alongside this, Users can partake in daily quests which reward them with different ingredients and quality levels. The last complexity-adding element of CryptoBrewMaster is the ingredient quality tiers, which allow players to produce ingredients and beers at higher rarity levels, thus gaining higher profits. The game's developer continues to add additional features, and future additions are likely to further contribute to the complexity of this blockchain game. 

The Fun-Factor

Unlike some blockchain games, CryptoBrewMaster does not require a significant amount of time for active engagement, as a lot of actions have a time or energy requirement which users can't avoid. Additionally, newcomers to the game are likely to be dependent on the amount of "energy" which they receive, as they are quite dependent on daily quests and make some money before being able to make use of many of the manufacturing facilities. These factors, combined with the point-and-click style of the game, are likely to leave gamers disappointed with the engagement of gameplay. Where CryptoBrewMaster does well in it's fun-factor is the variety of strategies which players can employ, such as becoming an ingredient wholesaler, craft brewer, or a mix of both depending on the competitions and rewards. Thus, users should consider whether or not they would like to play patiently to overcome some initial hurdles before truly getting into the core of the game. 

Ease of Use

Generally speaking, CryptoBrewMaster is an easy to use and easy to understand game, but here are a few aspects of the game which could be improved. The point-and click nature of the game allows players to explore the different facilities and easily find their way around the game, but simultaneously the game lacks a built-in tutorial which explains the various functions of the buildings, as well as the "building decay" mechanic. Another aspect which stands out is the game's English. It is evident that the game's development team's first language is not English, and this is actually not a criticism of the game. It is impressive that the team has managed to localize the game for English as well as they have! While there is definitely room for improvement, the overall ease of use of CryptoBrewMaster leaves it a decent choice for those new to blockchain gaming. 

All-Around Features

Cost Benefit Ratio

CryptoBrewMaster is free to play in its current form, however prospective players should take a few key things into consideration before playing. Firstly, the game requires a payment of 1 Hive Dollar (HBD), or approximately $2 USD in order to be able to transfer its in-game token in and out of the game. Secondly, a new planned update will require users to purchase a "citizen passport" which costs 1000 ASH (approximately $11.5 USD as of publishing time) before even being able to exchange items on the in-game markethall. While the game seems free to play, new blockchain gamers should be weary of this promise as well as the promise of "play to earn", as you will likely have to spend a few dollars in order to be able to reap any rewards of your hard work later on down the road. On the other hand, if you are solely playing this game for a new unique experience on the blockchain, the game is still enjoyable as a free to play game or even with a few dollars spent. In addition, the development team even notes that users who create engaging content about CryptoBrewMaster on the Hive platform may be likely to see a vote from the team themselves, thus potentially rewarding you to the tune of 1 HBD or more! (In addition, check out the Ingredient Bonus Tip at the bottom of this article to learn how to gain additional materials when playing this game)

Underlying Technology

In its current form, there are a few key considerations to make about the blockchain technology behind CryptoBrewMaster, which are as follows:

  • CBM, the in-game currency which is used for most in-game transactions, 
  • Aeneas (ASH), another important cryptocurrency surrounding the game. 
  • Hive Engine, a decentralized exchange where CBM can be traded

The team is also working to fully implement in-game items as NFTs, and this is a development users are likely patiently awaiting. In the meantime, one should consider CBM, the primary in-game currency of CryptoBrewMaster. It is not 100% clear, but it appears that the token and the future plan for in-game NFTs is to have them based on the Hive Blockchain, which as reviewed in previous articles, is a solid base for a blockchain game. CBM itself is not a highly traded token, but this appears to be a likely outcome of the small but growing volume of players. What is also somewhat unclear, is the relationship between ASH and CryptoBrewMaster, other than that these are two projects developed in Ukraine which potentially have ties to each other. In it's current form, ASH does not appear to be a widely adopted currency. Simultaneously it is not necessarily detrimental to the game's development, but the team should likely do more to explain the project's relationships with all affiliated blockchains and currencies. Overall, while somewhat unclear, the blockchain technology behind the game seems solid, albeit slightly obscure. 

User Community

As the game is in open alpha stages, the user community is relatively small. That being said, the community is active on many platforms, such as discord and telegram, and the developers are highly active in responding to the community. It always says a lot about the potential of a project or blockchain game when the development team is actively engaging its community, and as such this sends positive signals for the CryptoBrewMaster game. Alongside an active development team, the community appears to be quite active on Hive as well, often publishing blogs, tutorials and much more. It is great to see this positive "brew crew" developing around the game. 

Conclusion & Final Score

It is difficult to review a game solely on its merits when it is still in an open alpha, therefore one should also be considerate of this when reading Sir Snorfkin's review. The game's visuals and complexity are a great foundation for future developments, whereas the fun-factor and ease of use still see significant room for improvement. In general, the gameplay, whilst engaging, might leave gamers looking elsewhere until CryptoBrewMaster has developed quite a bit further. Regarding it's all-around features, the game may end up struggling to grow its user base with the proposed "citizen passport" tool, which seems to prioritize a relatively obscure cryptocurrency over the overall user adoption of a free to play blockchain game. The development team might benefit from a growth in the user base before implementing such changes, however the game still remains free to play for users in its basic form. The last point, which provides a positive boost to the game is its seemingly positive, active and small (but growing) user community. As the game continues to develop and enters a Beta stage at a certain point, time will tell whether or not CryptoBrewMaster emerges as a prominent blcokchain game amongst the growing sea of others. 

I, Sir Snorfkin, hereby decree that CryptoBrewMaster receives a final score of Three point One crowns out of five. While I would recommend this game, I would also like gamers to consider that this game is still in open alpha. 


Final Score: 3.1/5 (👑👑👑)

Score Breakdown

Visuals: 4/5
Complexity: 3/5
Fun Factor: 2/5
Ease of Use: 3/5

All-Around Features
Cost Benefit Ratio: 3/5
Underlying Technology: 3/5
User Community: 4/5

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Acknowledgements: A big shout out to rollie from the CryptoBrewMaster team for providing additional resources and information when writing this article. 

Ingredient Bonus Tip: Want to try out CryptoBrewMaster and receive additional brewing ingredients on signup? Tell them Sir Snorfkin sent you by registering through this link 

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