Sir Snorfkin is going to DYGYCON, but will you too?

By Sir Snorfkin | Sir Snorfkin Reviews | 11 Mar 2021

Sir Snorfkin goes to DYGYCON*

You may be asking, what is that? The upcoming DYGYCON event is the second occurrence of the DYGYCON conference, organized by the creators of the up-and-coming blockchain game known as Splinterlands. As your favorite host of blockchain game reviews, Dapps, DeFi and more, Sir Snorfkin will be attending DYGYCON to learn about upcoming projects, network and chat with blockchain industry professionals, and meet anyone interested in the blockchain universe. Whether you are new to the crypto universe, or a seasoned veteran, I would love to see you there and meet you all, so be sure to sign up! Would you like a brief overview of what to expect? Then, in typical Sir Snorfkin style, let's dive in!

*Transparency note: The author has not been sponsored by or received any payment from Splinterlands or DYGYCON to promote this event, this is solely done out of author's interest in the conference. 

The Five W's of DYGYCON (who, what, when, where, and why)



As previously noted, DYGYCON is organized by the team behind the hit trading card game known as Splinterlands. In addition, howver, there is going to be a plethora of interesting people and organizations who will be in attendance, so be sure to stop by and get to know them. The list of sponsors is quite large; as of the last update, the following organizations will be in attendance: 

Gala Games; Marketsquare; Brave; Superworld; UltraRare; Enoki DeFi Club; DCity; Blockchain Founders Fund; The Sandbox; NFTHub; Womplay; Blockchain Game Alliance; CryptoMonKEYS; CryptoStache; Blockchain Cards ;Euclid and Oakes; Gamerjibe; Proof-of-Attendance Protocol; NFT Showroom; HIVE-Engine; DigitSpin Crypto

If any of these names interests you, then you will surely love attending DYGYCON. But most importantly, DYGYCON will be attended by individuals such as yourself, who are interesting in anything and everything related to blockchain technology and the possibilities which it offers. So come to the event and make some new connections, you'll be sure to enjoy (plus, there is even an NFT badge for making new connections)!


The Revered Badge: Become a Master Networker at DYGYCON (and earn an NFT!)

What, Where and When

To go into a bit more detail, DYGYCON is an event which covers a broad spectrum of topics, from finance and cryptocurrency, to NFTs and art, to blockchain media and gaming. The DYGYCON conference is just that, a conference, and the best part about it is that it is accessible to attendees from all over the world, regardless of background, time-zone, or interests! The event will be held on the Gamerjibe platform, a virtual conference area which allows guests to create avatars and interact with one another in real time, just like you would at a normal conference. This is definitely a great solution for current global restrictions. The DYGYCON 2.0 conference is going to be occurring on Saturday, 13th of March. Registration to attend is free, and attendees will be able to attend for 3 hours, from 3:00PM -6:00PM UTC!

Alongside all of the practical info, you might be wondering what will there be to do at DYGYCON? The possibilities are quite broad, and the great news is that the team behind the event has created a series of earnable NFT badges that attendees can earn from doing various challenges at the conference. Want to play a few rounds against some Splinterlands pros, want just hang out, want to try fishing or roasting marshmallows, there are awards for all of those things! So regardless of your interests, you will have the chance to have fun and receive dope gear and NFTs by attending (the same as at a real life conference!) DYGYCON will also host an in-conference NFT auction, so be sure to get your hands on some exclusive and highly rare NFTs. 


The Big Fish badge: Will you get this year's biggest fish?


The true heart of the DYGYCON event is the organizer's stated purpose of ensuring that attendees can make lasting connections despite the challenges that we have all faced in the past year, and that is why I would recommend that you attend! The blockchain space is still small, yet growing at a rapid pace, and this event offers you the ability to not just hear from experts and enthusiasts, but truly connect with them as well.  As Sir Snorfkin, I would also invite you to come to the event so that I can meet and learn from you all! Are you working on/playing an upcoming blockchain game which I should review, do you have some suggestions on more content, features, or blogs which you would like to see from me, or would you just like to hang out with me and try to catch the biggest fish? Then come meet me at DYGYCON! I look forward to seeing you all there and talking with you.


See you there, thanks for reading!

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