Cubiex eSports review

Cubiex eSports review

By Flashback | Singular point of review | 26 Jul 2019

The world of cryptocurrencies can be a risky environment for newbies. There are many seeds spread along the blockchain and many of them will never germinate, so be careful where you embark.

Today I want to give a concise point of view about a project that has earned my trust. I'm talking about Cubiex eSports, a platform
that will attract gamers like a magnet.

The first contact I had with Cubiex was through the token, Cbix, which is being exchanged at Binance Dex. I heard about the listing
and went to see what was being cooked on their website, just out of curiosity. All very correct: a team with extensive experience
in eSports, finance and blockchain, well-known advisors and a very precise roadmap. I was especially struck that many of the people
who make up the project have worked for industry giants such as Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Google and Santander Bank, among others.
My interest in it was beginning.

I wanted to know if they had a product. I took a look at the roadmap and ... "they have an MVP 2, that's fine"
... I keep reading ... "product launch before the end of September!" Well that's better. If you have not yet launched the product,
but have an upcoming release date, I have two things: a token that is still cheap and an expectation that it will grow in the short
term. As if that were not enough, I am also a disappointed gamer with current platforms, so maybe Cubiex could offer me something
that met my expectations.

Let's go to the main idea, what differentiates Cubiex from the rest. For this we will borrow some words from the official Web:

Social Connectivity and Incentives.
There are more than 400 million gamers in the world, but only a few teams generate income from their eSports activities.
Amateur gamers have no way of monetizing their gaming experience or clear mediums to be a part of the professional eSports scene.
Cubiex solves this issue, being the first decentralized social network tailored to the needs of gamers.

The first tokenized Global Social Network and Crypto League for eSports.
A unique platform that enables gamers to find friends, connect with them, create teams and participate in peer-to-peer matchmaking
matches over tokens. Creating digital content, such as articles, blogs, and videos, is rewarded with cryptocurrency.
With additional services such as livestreaming and virtual in-game items trading, Cubiex provides the most significant range of
services in the market.

My eyes finally opened. These people want to give the gamer what they need, more connectivity, more involvement, more rewards.
All within a platform with almost unlimited possibilities. I read the white paper, stopped at the tokenomics: little supply and the
team tokens locked for years. Perfect.

"Now a little research on your social media," I told myself. It was going to be something routine, a short visit.
My mistake. These people have caught me.

In the telegram group I found the CEO clarifying all the doubts of the community. "It will be circumstantial," I told myself. I was
wrong again. Pierre Chahine sleeps 2 hours a day, the rest of the time is dedicated to work. Obviously, I witness his telegram
activity, and I can say without a doubt that he is a leader who delivers the best of himself to the community. I have seen him
clarifying user doubts at 5:00 a.m. Good for him! A kind guy with all the answers is always welcome, a patient, fair guy,
a great gamer and at the same time an expert in finance. An example for everyone.
The administrators are very good, and they are several. In addition, two diffusion groups called "Cubiex troops" and "Command Center"
have been created. The members of these groups are unconditional supporters of Cubiex, who work day and night to extend the project
and report rewards such as giveaways, airdrops, etc. In Cubiex telegram There is always a contest where you can participate.
Just choose the one that is best for you.

In conclusion, I went out of curiosity and I chose to stay. The concept is innovative, the team is brilliant and the community is a
large group of friends. I send them all the luck in the world from here so they can achieve their next goal:








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Singular point of review
Singular point of review

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