Sin Eater Ritual Meal: Subject 0 08-10-2020

Sin Eater Logs (EY 2020) Subject 0: Vitalik Buterin

By Average Jo | Sin Eater | 10 Aug 2020

*Disclaimer: As a neo-Sin Eater, my job is to release back to Source the "sins" being perpetrated against another. The energy I channel is not only for the target and the Sin Eater, it has been redesigned to reach the Accuser/Instigator/Perpetrator as well via benevolent pathways already in existence. I've developed a unique technique to effect such change throughout time and space. This technique is not a secret nor am I going to share all of the details. I will share the driving intentions as well as the specifics as they relate to the subject.

Note for the Subject: You have been protected, to shield you from any remnant negative effects this transmission of energy may have on you. You are not so much the target of this healing as you are a spotlight for which I can locate the source of the pain being flung in your direction, in order to feed it the attention it craves. The reveal of which may appear very ugly to many, but that's none of my business. You may continue on as you are. You may also grant permission to partake of the energy should you choose. However, your direct participation is not required. I thank you for your Guiding Light.

Session August 10, 2020 (~90 minutes)

Subject: Vitalik Buterin

Number of Sins identified during meditaion: 21

Number of ingredients used for the cleansing ritual: 13

Time taken to eat meal: ~30 minutes

Number of documented bites: 21 (see below for the Sins released back to Source)

Bite 1: Original Sin (challenging an establishment) & Envy (kinda obvious)

Bite 2: Blood Sacrifice (failed) Time location: 2014 & Conspiracy

Bite 3: Betrayal (not loyal to BTC), Original Sin, Rudeness, Envy & Wrath (specific)

Bite 4: Burning (blamethrowers), Envy, Conspiracy (LSD orgies?) & Deception (supply FUD)

Bite 5: See 3, add Quarreling (obvious)

Bite 6: See 2

Bite 7: See 3, add Revenge (specific)

Bite 8: See 4

Bite 9: Revenge (general), Fault Finding, Original Sin, Rudeness, Envy & Wrath

Bite 10: See 4

Bite 11: See 3, add Slander (private)

Bite 12: See 3, add Spying (HIPS)

Bite 13: See 2

Bite 14: See 3, add Thieving (DAO)

Bite 15: Spinning Tales, Original Sin, Rudeness & Envy

Bite 16: Original Sin (creativity) & Wrath (specific)

Bite 17: See 4

Bite 18: Desecration/Dissembling/Heresy/Sacrilage (related to the "One Coin" fundymax crowd - general)

Bite 19: See 2 (much gratitude felt here, for the failed attempt)

Bite 20: See 18

Bite 21: See 2 (Finished)

I grant permission for the food representing these injurious "Sins" to be processed by my body and released back to Source over the next 12-24 hours. (Sorry, no pictures). The energy has already been released, now the associated "matter" gets processed. Seeing this post may help explain to those who are sensitive enough to feel it reverberating and flowing back to where (and when) it originated, although reading this post is not a necessary ingredient for the ritual to work. It has already worked, with no expectation as to the outcome.

For those who resonate with this energy, you are invited to partake of it as well, it's free. These "Sins" are commonly inflicted with no recourse, participating may assist you in lightening a similar load; the choice to allow is always yours to make, as is the choice to resist. I respect both.

I chose Vitalik today for this first post because I have been observing him for such a long time, with respect and admiration and curiosity. He has done amazing things. The vicious treatment he gets is vicious and yet he stands above it, always. However, he IS human (contrary to what some might say) and he feels as much as I do, and that shit hurts.

May the call of Pain seeking his attention be answered with this transmission and may it also be free to reply and let us know more about itself, for the benefit of all.

In closing, after writing this all up, I want to share a Tarot reading I did to reveal any potential effects this session may have.

Tarot reading

Card 1 Situation: What is the current state of affairs? (The reason for the Ritual)

10 of Cups: Finding peace, feeling complete, preparing next steps. This card represents the change of a cycle, a sense of completion and new beginnings. We are at the cusp of something dramatic in an emotional sense.

Card 2 Action: How will this Ritual address the situation?

Page of Cups: Happy surprise, Dreamer, Sensitivity. To be more loving, more open to emotions and more accepting of intuitions.The youthful spirit brings with it a depth of emotion which can be beautiful or terrifying, depending on the vantage point of a participant.

Card 3 Outcome: What kind of result can be expected as a result of taking this action?

The High Priestess: Innocence, Self knowledge, Self development, Sanctuary. (Major Arcana card) She is our inner voice, she lingers on the border between the god(s) within us and humanity, speaking hidden truths that we knew ourselves all along...


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Average Jo
Average Jo

Gen-X closet millennial with a husband, no kids. Everything else is just noise.

Sin Eater
Sin Eater

I'm a Sin Eater. The knowledge was passed down by an Ancestor who kept her trade a secret when she moved to the new world in the early 1800's. While she "quit" her "calling" when she left the Old World, her methods of movement, hiding and fabrication to protect her from the stigma of the life she left behind stayed with her and became part of her survival toolkit. These methods have been passed to me but I've altered them, to release the Sin back to the transgressor, it's Time they owned their shit.

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