Bankroll Flow - The Hottest Way to Earn Passive Income

Bankroll Flow - The Hottest Way to Earn Passive Income

By Diviner | SimplyJustCrypto | 6 Jan 2021

As we enter into the new year, Bankroll Flow has continued to be one of the hottest dapps out there. Bankroll Flow provides 365% APY on player deposits with passive play. Flow will never drain and operates very similar to farms, minting BNKRX rewards for participation over time. Essentially, you buy BNKRX with Tron and you earn daily 1% on that BNKRX up to 365%. Not only do you earn 1% but you also earn through price appreciation.

Take a look at the BNKRX/TRX pair on


Currently sitting at 40.5 TRX (approx $1.3) BNKRX has seen nothing but positive price action for the past month and a half. This means if you buy 100 BNKRX now (worth $130) and the price increases to 80 TRX, you will still be earning 1 BNKRX a day but that BNKRX is worth $2.6. Thus you'll essentially be earning 2% a day on your initial deposit. So how do you get started?

1 - Get TronLink


In order to use the platform you will need to use the TronLink wallet. TronLink is a browser extension wallet for the Tron ecosystem, very similar to MetaMask. TronLink allows you to access nearly every Tron Dapp out there.

2 - Acquire Tron

You will need to deposit Tron into your wallet as BNKRX can only be bought with Tron. You need a mininum of 10 BNKRX (worth approx. 400 Tron) in order to get started on the platform. Make sure you have extra Tron in your wallet in order to cover gas fees (costs around 4-6 Tron per transaction)

3 - Buy BNKRX

There are 2 ways to buy the BNKRX token.


SWAPX is the native exchange built into Bankroll. You can instantly buy or sell your BNKRX. The price will be listed on the top.


As you can see, the rate here on SWAPX is 41.6 TRX per BNKRX. This will be important as we look at the other platform, TronTrade.

b. TronTrade

TronTrade is one of the most popular Tron DEXs out there.


Currently the rate on TronTrade is 40.5 TRX per BNKRX. Thus, its a lower rate than SWAPX. So I suggest you buy your BNKRX here (when its cheaper) and then eventually sell your BNKRX on SWAPX. Of course, if SWAPX has a lower rate then buy on SWAPX and sell on TronTrade.

4 - Deposit BNKRX


Here is the main page for Flow. You can deposit your BNKRX in the black box on the right. Before you do, you will need to click "Deposits Enabled". You will also need a buddy address as well. You can use mine: TGetWZAcjYgqaXe4snqFY5JPioD1VssuLv

By joining my team you can participate in my weekly airdrops (more info down below)

After you have deposited your BNKRX, your set! You will be earning 1% per day up to 365%. The earned BNKRX will appear under "Available". So whats next? Now that you're earning, here are 3 Tips and Tricks in order to maximize your earnings.


Tips and Tricks: 

1: Weekly Airdrops


BNKRX has a built-in airdrop system that allows players to reward their team. In order to receive airdrops you must be referred to someone so that you become a part of their team. 


Once again, you can join my team by entering my Buddy Address: TGetWZAcjYgqaXe4snqFY5JPioD1VssuLv

I will be hosting weekly airdrops of BNKRX so make sure you join! (Need at least 100 BNKRX to participate) 

2: Daily Rolling


There are 2 buttons on the page: Roll and Claim. Rolling will take your BNKRX and redeposit it. Essentially this is compounding your interest. Compounding is the key to financial freedom. 


Using a compound interest calculator, if you have an initial deposit of $100 and roll your 1% everyday for 365 days you will have a balance of $3972! This doesn't take into account price appreciation of BNKRX as well. If the BNKRX coin 3x in price (which is already has) then you will have over $10,000 from a $100 initial deposit.

Now of course, you will need to take profits as well. Thats what the "Claim" button does. It sends the BNKRX from "Available" into your wallet which you can sell back for TRX. I suggest you roll 4 days out of the week and claim the other 3 days. You can develop your own strategy as well. Just make sure that you are rolling more than you are claiming.

3: Stacking

BNKRX has a unique referral system where you earn a 10% matching bonus on all of your direct referral's deposits. So if you refer someone and they deposit 100 BNKRX, you will get 10 BNKRX. Also there is a bonus whenever they roll or claim. Rewards in each generation of your downlines are as follows: 1st: 30%, 2nd - 5th: 10%, 6th - 10th: 8%, and 11th - 15th: 5%. So if they roll or claim 10 BNKRX, you will get 3 BNKRX. With stacking you can refer yourself through multiple accounts in order to gain bonus BNKRX. Here's how: 

a. Create a 2nd TronLink account


In the top left there will be an icon that looks like this next to the name of your wallet. My wallet's name is "Main" so I can differentiate between my accounts. 


Once you click that, there will be a tab that appears. Click "Create" to make your 2nd account. As you can see, I have a 2nd wallet called "Secondary". 

b. Refer yourself

On your 2nd account, refer yourself by adding your main account's address into the buddy system. Now whenever you deposit BNKRX on your 2nd account, you will get a 10% bonus on your main account which you can either roll or claim. Since referral bonuses go down 15 lines, you could theoretically make 15 accounts and link them to each other. However, I suggest you have at most 5 since keeping track of so many accounts can be challenging and rewards diminish the more accounts you have.  


Bankroll Flow has been the hottest Tron dapp for the past month. Bankroll has been around for over a year and continues to grow. Take a look at their statistics from DappRadar.


Over the past week, Bankroll has seen a 40% increase in players, 65% increase in volume and a 32% increase in transactions. This makes it the 12th ranked dapp on DappRadar! As Bankroll continues to grow, the BNKRX token will only increase in price. 

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