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Let’s Simplify Things! Cryptocurrency Faucets.

By DrYunani | Simplify | 18 Aug 2020

A warm welcome to another Let’s Simplify Things! post!

Today let us simplify cryptocurrency faucets.

Cryptocurrency faucets are simply websites that offer you the ability to earn very small amounts of cryptocurrency.

You will notice I didn’t mention for free, as in my opinion you pay them with your time and unique ip.

How they work is very simple.

They are websites full of advertisements that require you to visit on a regular basis to earn an amount in cryptocurrency.

Usually the amount you earn is based on the frequency you visit their website or an activity you need to do in order to receive the cryptocurrency.

So practically they share with the users of the website a portion of the advertisement money they earn, which in my view it is fair game!

So, the big question is shall I use them and are they safe?

Keeping in mind you will not became rich from them, yes you can spend a few minutes every day to visit the ones you like and get some “free” coins.

As for safety of course there are plenty of fake ones out there, so you have to do your research before going to one.

A search in google will easily clarify that, following you will find the ones I use.

For earning XRP I use: Dropz.XYZ .

For earning Dogecoin I use: Moon Dogecoin .

For earning Bitcoin Cash I use: Moon Bitcoin Cash .

For earning DASH I use: Moon Dash .

For earning Bitcoin I use: Moon Bitcoin .

And finally for earning Litecoin I use: Moon Litecoin .

Please note that the ones provided by Moon use CoinPot.

In CoinPot you can convert them to any of the cryptocurrency you prefer in order to faster get to the minimum payout amount or simply keep them as is.

Payouts are free in CoinPot.

CoinPot also also offer various games you can take part and earn more, using the CoinPot token you earn with each usage of a faucet ( 15 tokens per faucet click ).

As for Dropz.XYZ withdrawals are also free, you have various ways of earning XRP in Dropz.XYZ. The fastest ones is the visit a website, where you have to click on links to open another tab on your browser and earn 300 dropz per click. The withdrawal limit is 10000 dropz that a 0.01 XRP.

Finally before saying goodbye I want to let everyone know that I have no sponsors, this post is not sponsored by any website or faucet!

You will only find my personal referral links, that I highly appreciate if you use them to access the above faucets!

The above reflect my personal views and by no means should be taken as a recommendation to use or not use any service or equipment whatsoever! 

Please feel free to make any suggestions or comments especially on what you would like to see next being simplified!

Until the next post....

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!


Referral Links:

Dropz.XYZ :

Moon Dogecoin:

Moon BitcoinCash:

Moon Dash:

Moon Bitcoin:

Moon Litecoin:

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