Let’s Simplify Things! Earn crypto while you listen to your favourite radio station!

By DrYunani | Simplify | 25 Sep 2020

A warm welcome to another Let’s Simplify Things! post!

In this post let us have a look at and simplify it. is offered by The Bitradio GmbH a company based in Germany.

It is very simple actually, with you can listen to more than 119.000 radio stations from around the world for free!

Not only that but you also earn's native coin BRO.

The model is very simple, you listen to your favourite station and based on the time you have spent listening you earn the equivalent amount.

At the time being BRO can be only converted to BTC in a couple of exchanges.

The list of available exchanges can be easily found at their website.

You can access either from their website or from the available apps for iOS and Android.

You can setup the withdrawal address either directly to one of the exchanges that trade BRO or to their native wallet that you can easily download from their website.

The wallet is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android so, they have practically covered every system.

I personally use their native wallet on my android mobile phone, and I have no complains, it is a typical wallet like most out there.

The whole setup is pretty simple and straightforward so no issues there.

I have been using for months now and my experience so far is good.

It works fine regardless if I use my phone to listen to my favourite stations or my computer.

I have also used it extensively while driving and at least in my area I had no issues by using the mobile data connection.

To Simplify it and summarise it is the perfect place to listen to your local favourite station or find a new one from around the world for free and on top earn some money.

So go and check it out and please if you decide to do so use my referral link, it cost you nothing and it helps!

Finally, before saying goodbye, I want to let everyone know that I have no sponsors, this post is not sponsored by or anyone else whatsoever!

You will only find my personal invitation link to, which I highly appreciate if you use it to access the services!

The above reflect my personal views and by no means should be taken as a recommendation to use or not use any service or equipment whatsoever! 

Please feel free to make any suggestions or comments especially on what you would like to see next being simplified!

Until the next post....

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! referral link:

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