Bitcoin Price monthly report (August)

Bitcoin Price monthly report (August)

By Simplify Crypto | Simplify Crypto | 1 Aug 2020

This is the bitcoin price monthly report of August for 44 countries.

Current price -> $11422.47

Bitcoin Price August

Analysing these figures, we can see that third world countries, such as Nigeria, South Africa and Peru) have a high spread that ranges from 3.10% to 17.10%.

The spread in Nigeria and Peru is higher than the August report (14.88% -> 17.10% and 2.56% -> 3.10%).
Another thing that we see was Brazil moved from 41th to 10th and the spread moved from -0.92% to 0.18%.
This move can be the reflect of the financial crisis and FIAT currency being devalued every month?

One of the things that makes me think about these values is the fact that countries like Argentina and Venezuela have a negative spread when two of these countries have a big financial crisis and the FIAT currency is super devalued and the other is having a big devaluation of your currency in the last months.

I am starting to think that people in these booths countries prefers other cryptos that are more easily to pay and buy things.

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