Being a trader is not for anyone who has nothing to do at home

Being a trader is not for anyone who has nothing to do at home

By Simplify Crypto | Simplify Crypto | 3 Jul 2020

We are living in an atypical and unplanned situation, because in addition to being “stuck” in our homes, the level of distress has increased exponentially. Feeling distressed in the face of such adversity and uncertainty is normal.

An "easy" way to deal with this feeling is to use some trade platform. In addition to entertaining for a long time, it can be the “solution to all problems”. After all, if you can extract an income from this, you will become financially independent, in addition to being able to work remotely, without bosses.

I swear this is one of the biggest steals anyone can do in life, no matter how experienced you are in the trade.

But everyone is winning….

In the case of the beginner, the most obvious problem is the lack of experience in risk management. You will win some, lose others, but you will probably risk more than you should at some point and lose everything. Not to mention the risk of falling into a blow.

Remember that in a bull market, known as a bull market, they are all geniuses. This happened in the cryptocurrency universe in 2017 and has been repeated in the stock market in the last 3 months.

There was a strong increase due to the uncontrolled injection of money by the Central Banks, in addition to the expectation of a vaccine for COVID-19. At the moment it is not possible to say that the crisis has passed, on the contrary.

Easy, I have experience ...

In the case of the experienced trader, the problem is what we call “overtrade”, exaggerating the number of trades. The anguish and excess of free time will lead you to follow the news and movement of assets more times a day, consequently increasing the number of ideas and even remorse about the positions already set up.

It doesn't matter whether you trade stocks, cryptocurrencies, real estate funds or fixed income. The effect will be exactly the same: irrecoverable losses. Instead of trying to earn "easy" and "fast" money, spend this time trying to improve the knowledge that got you here, where you are today. Remember: if there was a simple strategy to make money, we would all be doing this.

Work around the problem

Want healthy suggestions to contain this distress? Take online courses on digital marketing, programming, project management, or any subject of interest. Udemy, Coursera and Eduk are among the platforms.

Look for content that will clarify your doubts and suggest areas of study, instead of simply trying to prophesy the next “Magazine Luizas” of the scholarship.

In conclusion, before venturing into the trade, invest enough time to learn everything involved in the trade.
To finish, if not, you should invest money you may need in the short term / medium term so to make a trade use even less capital. Use only a small percentage of your investment capital for your trade.

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