Why so Serious?

By dezeaster | Simplicity | 24 Mar 2022

This one's definitely in the minority here, but as a newbie in crypto why the rapid shifts from doom and gloom to Crypto will eat everything?

I'm by no means on the level of the original cypherpunks but even I can enjoy the beauty in the technology. Instead of freaking out about Fed regulation, the newest dumb project that will change your life can we take a second to enjoy the ease in which we can move value. I don't care from BTC to any stable to even SHIB we can literally move money with a couple clicks or finger taps, if you buy like Bukele. Like that is so amazing and was unthinkable 15 years ago! 

Honestly that fact alone is what I think of when ever FUD or Hopium is running high and just appreciate that people multiple times much smarter than me are developing amazing technology that 3 years ago I only heard of from the shady guy.


I probably will never understand why the jumps but I could see with the large amount of wealth some whales are working with that tensions could run high. Maybe if I ever do stumble on the life changing project I'll delete this post because I will be ranting about rate hikes and WWIII. Hopefully if I do I'm not using Publish0x though and simply enjoying my gains!


Have a great day and remember you are amazing!


Chart for the Fellas!

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