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The world is crazy

By dezeaster | Simplicity | 22 Feb 2022

How's it going everyone?

  If you've stumbled on this one I just wanted to reach out to you with a little positivity.   Yes I know there are multiple events happening worldwide that can add stress on the markets, prices just general stability, from Canada protests, to Putin being Putin. I'm not here to act like I'm an expert in any of that.   But what I am an expert in is positivity (self-taught). Keep your head up, keep working and it'll work out, regardless of your situation. You're attitude determines how you approach situations, and how people view you. The world is doing a good enough job with negativity, so try to add some positivity!   You're alive, you can read this, you're going to make it.    Thank you for your time and if you do tip, you better take 80%

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