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By dezeaster | Simplicity | 26 Apr 2022

  Weekly Peace!   How's everyone out there doing?    I'm back to spread some positivity in your feed, but first thank you for clicking on this you are amazing!   I guess I should give a little background on myself... I'm currently active duty in the Navy and I'm approaching year 8 in. I love what I do but I have to tell you about my passion!   I use this profile as a time to journal my mistakes, very small wins, and musings about crypto and life. Doing my own research and just scrolling has become a second job but one that I love! The rapid pace of news in this space and innovation are amazing. It feels like 20 years ago that Bitcoin was adopted as legal tender in El Salvador (who cares?) I hope you are enjoying the fast paced news    SO the point of this article is to just say keep your head up out there! No matter what the prices are, remember to keep stacking whatever you like however you like. I'm currently addicted to coin hunt world and pulling in around 25 dollars weekly (a mix of BTC and ETH). I'm clearly not a financial advisor but what I can tell you is that if you enjoy this space don't let it bring you down think of the positives not in dollar terms but in productivity, lessons learned, and maybe just maybe the gains.   Thank you for the time!  

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