Be the Best!

By dezeaster | Simplicity | 31 Mar 2022

I just want to say be the best!


If you're familiar with my writings they are very tangential to crypto and are more about keeping a level head(or at least attempting to). With that caveat out the way, I just want to say be the best! What are you doing to be better today? How have you dedicated time so that you can say you've improved some aspects. Even something as small as reading your daily quota of Publish0x articles, a couple of pages in a book, meditating for five minutes, or cooked dinner, those are  little steps in the right direction! I'm assuming that most of us on this platform aren't whales (yet) so we should keep improving until we get to a level where you can honestly say you made it. That level is different for all of us so take baby steps in that direction.

I love you just for finding this post and being grateful for what you do have, I know you have to at least have an active internet connection, and the 45 seconds it took to read this... That's something! 


Keep your head up and keep taking steps to be your best!  Thank you for the time!

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