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By simplesirup | simplesirup | 28 Apr 2020

WeNano is a newly released app that brings a new way to collect Nano plus so much more. This is a completely revolutionary form of crypto wallet. There are three major aspect to the app; the wallet, the social aspect, and the Map.

WeNano provides a recovery seed when you create an account so you can rest assured that your funds are safe. Be sure to save this seed in a secure location so that you can restore your account if anything were to happen to your phone.

When creating an account you get to choose a custom username. You have the option to use a custom avatar or pick one of cartoonish monster like avatars that are provided. This is a major change from other wallets and it comes in handy with some of the other features provided.

A very significant and highly requested feature is a note section. When sending a QuickTip both the sender and receiver will get this custom note in the transaction feed. If sending to a more general wallet, like Natrium, this note will only be kept on WeNano records. The “QuickTip” is a way to send friends, family, or strangers some Nano on the WeNano app using their username.

You are able to view every account made on WeNano. You are able to make a contacts list for convenience. You are able to view, and tip, profiles that are within a certain distance from you. These may be friends, bar tenders, waiters, taxi drivers, or strangers that are nearby. You are also able to view every single username, unless they choose to hide their account. You are able to write a custom status that will appear beside your username. People are able to read this status as they scroll through the list of profiles. You are able to send a QuickTip to any of these profiles. If you do not like the idea of your account being out in the open simply use the option to to hide your account.

Now for the faucet. This is a new way to share Nano with the world and anybody can contribute. When you go to the Map section of the app you will see different Spots scattered across the globe. You can place a Spot anywhere in the world with different specifications. You choose the total amount of Nano available, amount to be given to each claiming individual, duration of time between user claims, the distance the person claiming needs to be from the Spot, and location. Try claiming by looking over near Hawaii where you will find a worldwide Spot to claim some Nano. If there are any Spots near you go within the required distance and claim!

There are many use cases for this kind of faucet. This could be a new way to give donations to a distressed city or country. You could also just put a Spot at you and your friends favorite bar so you can introduce them, and strangers, to WeNano. If you own a bar, or any establishment, and want some people to come within 30 feet of your door just put a Spot on that location. These are just some examples. There could be many unrealized opportunities with this feature.

When you go to the Map you will see a few different icons. There are blue, orange, and yellow Spots. The orange Spots are continental and world faucets. Bright blue Spots are individuals offering their Nano for you to come claim. Dark blue spots are exhausted of funds or have already been claimed by you. You will also see yellow Spots with a building in the center. These are Merchants that accept Nano as payment! If you own or work at a bar, restaurant, convenience store, or any business that accepts Nano as payment you can put your shop on the map, literally. Use this form and put your establishment on the map for the world to see.

They just released their Android app in a light version so it only allows you to view the Map and collect from Spots but, at this time, does not allow you to create spots. There is also no wallet features in app so you must have an alternative wallet, such as Natrium, attached to your account.

This being a Nano project, you should already know, all transactions are practically instant. All funds received are in your wallet and spendable in seconds.

For an more in depth view on WeNano check out their launch announcement post on Medium and their Android announcement.

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