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The Least Volatile Cryptocurrencies of 2022

By SimpleHold | simplehold | 8 Aug 2022

Another crypto winter has come and made the market shake and volatile. How to protect yourself against such drawbacks? Spoiler: It’s almost impossible. However, you can always place on the less volatile currencies. We’ve prepared our own top of the least fluctuating coins and tokens. Find the one you can trust in. 

  • OP - it’s a native Optimism blockchain token. The following blockchain is the 2nd layer of Ethereum. The OP token jumped 95%. The price growth appeared because of the increasing interest in DeFi projects built on the Optimism blockchain. The growth of the blocked users within the DeFi projects is more than 60% and $934 billion.

  • ETC - is an Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency. The project is an Ethereum’s hard fork. Against the Ethereum renovations and the upcoming event of moving to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Consensus., ETH shows a stable growth amid miners' migration. The network’s hash rate reaches 31,4 TH/s.

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  • FIL - it’s a cryptocurrency of the Filecoin network for a shared searching and keeping of data on the blockchain. Starting from the end of July, it showed a continuous growth of more than 100%. The growth started against a slight increase in Bitcoin’s price and a high interest of money-spinners towards the asset.

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  • APE - is a Bored Ape Yacht Club’s token. At the beginning of June, some stress tests of the OtherSide metaverse took place, and on the 16th of July, the first in-game element was launched. Against the metaverse launching, the token shows an increasing movement of more than 150%. 

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  • MATIC - that's a Polygon's blockchain token. The blockchain is an innovative decision for a scaling issue. After partnering with The Walt Disney Company under the program Disney Accelerator 2022, the token shows firm growth and, from the middle of July, gained more than 200%. The Polygon also became Reddit's partner in launching an NFT marketplace platform called Collectibles Avatar NFT. 

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