Brave Browser’s Bullshit That Nobody Talks About

By Akashi Nakamoto | Simplecrypto | 31 Mar 2020

Brave is great but it has problems.


You are paid to receive ads. You get to control how many ads and at what intervals. The ads are not intrusive and your privacy is respected (in a way). 

Privacy and BAT rewards are at the core of what makes Brave stand out but those same things are also compromised.


Reasons for Bullshit #1 - Uphold Sucks and What Privacy?



You need to get your Uphold account verified before you can do any real stuff with the BATs you earn. Uphold is the company that manages your Brave wallet and you have to KYC before you can access the BATs in your wallet.

For a browser which touts privacy as supreme, to use Uphold, a company to whom you must surrender your entire identity to even have a claim on your earnings is ridiculous, but everybody is fine with it.

Uphold, like all central entities can do whatever they want and give users the finger.

I have experienced what Uphold can do. Uphold suspended my account with no explanation when I tried to do KYC and made-up an excuse to justify it.

What is worse is that they knew it was a ridiculous and confusing act but their response to it was - Because it was a done deal, they could not do anything about it. That is the problem with Brave + Uphold. 


Here is how it went down:

It is not an isolated event. Many of my friends have been treated the same way and I suspect others have been too.

People forget that while Brave is changing the way advertising is done on the internet, privacy is just some idea they waive around you, so you can hate Google. 


Bullshit Reason #2 - Poof! Your BATs are gone! Suck it up.


You might just lose all your BATs.

Yes. Go to Reddit or the Brave community forums and look through the complaints. People have lost their earnings after updates, myself included. Some have recovered it and the rest weren’t lucky enough. I get that it might happen. Code and bugs and whatnot but what really sucks is that they always claim to help you but nothing really happens! It is the general sentiment around the forums. Even in my case, whatever I did, they would not give me a straight answer and when I posted about it on Reddit, they suddenly wanted to help me again. 

Messages like the one below are all too common on forums.



If users can not be sure of the process and if Brave can just wipe out your rewards then we have a problem. 


I am sure the Brave developers are working to make Brave better every day and maybe these problems will go away in the future but for now, the core components of Brave are compromised.

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