Digibyte: Free Password Manager & Authenticator Powered By The Blockchain.

Just another tool to toss in the ole blockchain toolbag.  For anyone thats into security or just wants to try a simple & extremely secure password system out, consider mydigipassword with the antumID authenticator. Basicly its an authenticator on your phone and an extesion for any Chromium based browser on your desktop, laptop or tablet. The tutorials are real simple to follow, very informative and its actually not too boring.   Personally, I am using this on 1 device with a couple random accounts before I decide to YOLO in and migrate everything over.  Patience keeps you alive out here.  Oh, and you dont even have to like DGB or hold coins, none of that.  100% free and anonymous.

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1) I definitely love keyboard shortcuts. 2) This wave of new comers needs more accurate content. We're already fighting bots, no need to turn fellow humans against us.


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