A simple way to solve the problem of lost or forgotten portable keyboards

There are many interfaces between humans and electronic devices on the current market. The most popular are wired or wireless keyboards, touch-pads, pointing sticks, etc. Most of these devices require a flat surface, for example a table, to be convenient for use.

New types of interfaces, for example tap wearable keyboards (www.tapwithus.com), do not require a flat surface to be convenient for use, but they require investments of time in training and mastering of such devices, therefore they are not simple for new users. Additional disadvantages of these devices are possibilities to lost or forget them in some places and a requirement of a bag to carry out and transport them. Therefore, we have a problem of lost and forgotten portable keyboards together with inconvenience of having a bag to hold the keyboard.

A simple solution to this problem is to attach a portable wireless keyboard to a sleeve of your jacket (or shirt) permanently or temporally. In this case the keyboard will be with you when you wear the jacket and you should not worry about losing or forgetting it.



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Simple solutions to complex problems
Simple solutions to complex problems

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