A simple way to solve password reuse, credential stuffing, and password spraying problems

According to the recent report (see [1]), businesses, organizations, and governments spent over 10 billion USD on cyber security training, each year since 2019. Despite such significant efforts and costs over 30% of employees still use weak passwords or reuse old passwords (see [2, 5]). Among the reasons cited, people name complexity and inconvenience of suggested to them methods.

Even so these people forms a minority, this fact does not help to eliminate cyber security vulnerabilities, because even a single employee with a weak, reused or compromised password is enough to break the cyber security of her/his employer.

An ideal solution for such persons is a tool, which can generate multiple passwords with a single click and also to change all passwords very easy (with a single click).

A free tool (public DPG) allows to generate 20 strong passwords with a single click and also to change all passwords with a single click. Additional advantages of dynamical passwords generators (DPGs) are:

-no logins;

-no installations, synchronizations, updating, upgrading, etc.;

-no master passwords;

-not saved in any place;

-with a click generate many strong passwords for many online accounts (20 for public DPGs, 100 for private DPGs);

-ability to create unhackable passwords (see [3]);

-ability to create multi factor authentication (MFA see [4]);

-for a single key generate a unique sequence of different strong passwords, which can be changed even on daily basis;

-accessible from any device connected to internet via a web browser.


“There are two kinds of companies in the world: those that have been breached by criminals, and those that have been breached and don’t know it yet.” 





1 Cyber security training market report 2022

2 Cost of credential stuffing attacks

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