A simple solution to some problems of modern medicine. Part II: other problems

Side effects problem

As was pointed out in the first part, a consequence of the conceptual problem in modern medicine is the side effect problem.

Many people experience side effects from using drugs or medical treatments. About 170 millions of Americans take prescription drugs. About 1.9 millions are hospitalized each year from properly prescribed drugs. About 128,000 Americans die each year from properly prescribed drugs. The European Commission estimates that about 200,000 Europeans die each year from properly prescribed drugs.

Worldwide, we have over 10 millions of hospitalizations and about a million of deaths from side effects of legally prescribed drugs by doctors, each year. The main reason of these deaths is adverse side effects from drugs. Taking into account that an average cost of hospitalization is over 10,000 dollars, we have over 100 billions dollars loses each year from side effects.

As was estimated by independent experts, side effects from Covid-19 vaccines caused more harm than the viruses themselves (See [9-22]).


Information overload problem

We live in information age, in which our society and economy are transitioning from a manufacturing to knowledge based economy. This transition is characterized by an exponential growth of information. As a result of this exponential growth we have information overload problems in many fields. In the medical field this problem especially important, because family doctors, who made most of decisions affecting our health and life have an urgent need for effective solutions to this problem, to avoid costly and life threatening errors and delays.

All solutions to the information overload problem (in the current arts) are based on the SEP approach. The SEP approach is based on three concepts, which are represented in the three letters of the name of the approach.

The letter S is the first letter of the word "store", which is the first concept. In this concept we store all medical information in databases or data warehouses. We now have 5G technology, which allow us to automate the collection of data from different sensors and medical devices into databases and data warehouses in fast and efficient way, 24 hours per day, every day non stop.

The letter E is the first letter of the word "extract", which is the second concept of the SEP approach. In this concept, we query databases or data warehouses to extract the relevant information in the fastest possible way.

The third concept is represented by the letter P, which is the first letter of the word "present". In this concept, the relevant information, which was extracted by a query from a database or data warehouse is presented to a user in a convenient form. It may be displayed as a table or graph on a computer screen; it may be printed on a paper, or it may be presented in 3D+ spaces via Virtual Reality headsets. In a Virtual Reality headset an user can transform, analyze and present results in any desirable way. The hope among experts is that Big Data and quantum computing allow us to speed up our progress in the field.


Problem of inefficient drugs

“Allen Roses, a senior executive at the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), who in December 2003 found himself making front-page news after admitting that, despite spending billions on the search for new therapies, the vast majority of drugs don’t work on most people. As the reporter who broke the story pointed out, this was hardly news to those involved in the search for new treatments. They’ve long known that despite all the hype about wonders of modern medicine, ‘miracle cures’ are few and far between, and claims to the contrary needs to be viewed with suspicion.”

From [1], p. 181.


Problem of medical errors

It is estimated that medical errors are the third leading cause of death. See [1-8]

“The death toll from health care screwups adds up to at least 500,000 Americans annually. That is the equivalent of more than three jumbo jets crashing every day of the year (or over 1,000 jets annually). Because these individuals are dying at home, in hospitals, or in nursing homes, no one is counting the bodies. There is no outrage, no plan to change a system that allows too many to die unnecessarily. The medical profession seems largely immune to the consequences of its errors.

If our calculations are correct, it means that medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the United States, right after heart disease (616,067) and cancer (562,875) and way ahead of strokes, the next big killer (135,952).”     

From [2] p. 7.


Other problems

There are also other problems such as deaths from synthetic opioids, death and injuries from human errors, etc. But these problems, in majority of cases, are consequences of the primary problems.

The hole is deeper than it is seems.

“The issues underlying many medical catastrophes are numerous: power struggles between providers, uncertainty over who’s in charge, reluctance to practice good medicine for fear of being fired, specialization run amok, part-time doctoring, and more. Doctors often prefer to ignore the problems, but patient safety demands that they be aired, as does the future of the medical profession.”

From [7].


In the next post we consider a simple solution to the conceptual, side effects, and information overload problems of modern medicine.




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