RollerCoin RobinHood ReBalance

Notice went out ~7 hours ago that the site would be in technical maintenance.


Though the site is now operational, this process seems to have upset the balance of power (quite literally) in hamsterland, as players are reporting both massive losses and massive gains in power (varies from player to player).


Nobody is immune, and it seems those hardest hit are those with the most to lose.


Expect this to be "solved" soon, probably. Unless it's not a bug, it's a feature.




If you’re not already getting paid in crypto for your casual gaming habits, you can grab a quick thousand sats by using my link to join RollerCoin. Adopt your own Mr. Goxx (R.I.P.) and get that wheel rolling! 

If you’d rather not play games with your crypto, check out some of my other favorites and faucets.

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“What happens in crypto stays in crypto.”

Getting What Has Been Paid For
Getting What Has Been Paid For

The trials and tribulations of participating in free-to-play without paying for premium content or access.

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