Eleventh Law Of Power - Dependence

By PajeeBear | Silent Whispers - Poetry | 27 Aug 2019


Others dependence is your independence

You must always be needed for competence

And always be wanted as sustenance

For your power comes from their reliance


If on you people depend their prosperity

Nothing to fear, no threat potentiality

This influence is your ultimate ability

Your voice, a command like a prophesy


Teach them the what, the why but not the how

So without you, they can't sustain somehow

They'll live their days to you they bow

You take the yoke and just let them plow




Poetry Inspired - From 48 Laws of Power by Robert Green

No Copyright Infringement Intended.

Poetry Creation for the purpose of spreading wide notability of such topic.



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Silent Whispers - Poetry
Silent Whispers - Poetry

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