30 Seconds To Death

By PajeeBear | Silent Whispers - Poetry | 17 Jul 2019


Standing on the rooftop edge of a thirty storey building

Wondering what a long way down to the ground , imagining

All the memories of the past came rushing,reminiscing

Silent tears fell from his eyes as his body went falling



Standing on the chair with the rope tied in the ceiling

In his hands a half empty bottle of rum he'd been drinking

Outside the room you can hear the sound of rain pouring

How painful could it be leaving everything behind hanging


Sitting in the backseat of the van with friends joyriding

In the dark, solemn, quite hours of 1 am in the morning

They are all tipsy,giggling, talking, smiling, laughing

Then came a loud bang hitting the cliff road railings


It's a sunny day and a very nice weather to go swimming

There's group of executives on their trip for team building

Suddenly the shore dried up as if the ground still shaking

Afar you can hear the raucous of monstrous tide rushing


I could go on and on and keep this painful story going

But it is way too much time consuming and hear breaking

In the end, we all will have 30 seconds away from dying

Be it by choice,chance,luck or time inevitably happening




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Silent Whispers - Poetry
Silent Whispers - Poetry

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