Transfer of Wealth

By groveguy | Sikander Raza | 11 Feb 2019

Hi there, I mostly ponder about things and try to put both cases in front of the readers without trying to conclude anything so that whoever reads should decide for him/herself what to believe in but never the less it is always good to know how many sides are there to a story and what could be most probable, surely nothing can be deemed as guaranteed.

Today is no different as you have read the title "Transfer of Wealth", Bit coin and Block chain how many people have heard about it how many think they know about it and how many actually know about it? I don't think so even 1% people on our planet actually have the idea or know how disruptive it will prove itself with the passage of time but one thing is for sure Billionaires are not confident on it while it’s a piece of cake comparatively to a teenage boy living in the basement at his parents’ house or "Science Nerds" as many would call them in school. This is my case for today.




You see these "Nerds" seem to be very confident on the idea of Block chain and Bit coin while Organizations such as SEC are finding it hard to produce a regulatory frame work for this new asset class and what about all these banks that are really having a hard time adopting it although they know they have to but what's bothering them about it? It's not just about power and control, you see you can empower yourself or control something by attaining the right knowledge of it. All these banks are owned by people who are good at corporate governance, monopoly, tyranny and anarchy, you can even say that they actually are the modern architects of these systems and what Block chain offers is totally different. Surely they can hire techies but that would lead them to a total dependency so what is it that is making them halting the process of adoption? I think it could be the fear of "Transfer of Wealth" they know they will lose it to the Science Techies who know the actual dynamics of Block chain and can take it to the levels unseen.

You can of course disagree but it is just a side of the coin. It may happen and it may not but techies are surely going to enjoy more this new Eco system coming our way.

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Sikander Raza

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