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By Sienzuf | sienzuf | 4 Nov 2020

There always seems to be a lot of feedback concerning Astrology. The way I like to explain it is with the example of the Moon. The Moon orbits the Earth around 29 days a month and affects the tides. Why do you think the tides are affected? The Earth orbits the Sun around every 365 days hence your birthday and the idea around your Sun sign.

Now back to the question of why the Moon affects the tides. It's due to the Moon having gravitational attraction which the Moon exerts on the Earth. The Sun also has a smaller tidal influence on the tides Earth.

Around 71% of the Earths surface is water and in humans, it depends on your age. Infants around 75% to 78% and Adults from 50% to 75%. Water is associated with emotions.

Many studies and reports have been conducted which prove the correlation with the Moon's orbit and people's health. Reports of a Full Moon highlight the following:

  • May affect your sleep latency
  • May affect blood pressure
  • May affect mood and mental health (hence the word Lunatic)
  • Hospitals report an increase in patients with violence, aggression and trauma.

All the planets and stars have a vibrational influence on Earth and everyone on the planet. Over time many have studied and documented this and associated certain planets to specific characteristics. For example Mercury in relation to communication.

So Astrology is not just about reading your Sun sign in an article as this is generic and only concerning that one aspect. Your natal chart has all the planets and stars in it and is the blueprint of when you were born.

It will tell you a lot about you and I would encourage you to find out where all the planets and stars were when you were born. Even if you don't know what time you were born you can still have a chart done.

Peace and Love

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It's All in the Mind

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