Walking in the Rain

By Sienzuf | sienzuf | 24 Nov 2020

I woke up this morning to the wonderful sound of rain. That got me thinking about water and what an amazing element it is.

People have fountains set up so that not only the beauty of the fountain but also the sound of running water.

Then that got me thinking about running water. I used to love running in the rain. Most of the time everyone is trying to stay dry when it's raining. Which naturally makes sense as you are dressed and most likely going somewhere where you need to stay dry.

Whenever you get the chance try and either walk, run or even just sit in the rain. As long as you are able to change into some dry clothes afterwards.

I see my cat (cats are not supposed to like getting wet) going out in the rain. I also see it drinking from any puddles that might be created.

There is something about water falling from the sky which has a different frequency and vibration.

See if you can sense and feel those subtle differences from having a shower or bath compared to rain.

So today I thank the Universe for providing this wonderful day, it's a clearing day as water is related to emotions. It's like tears from your eyes, that is rain as well. So if it is raining where you are, be mindful of your emotions. Let them come out and don't attach to them. Let them flow like water. Water is always trying to find the level, the balance and keeps moving.

Peace and Love

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