By Sienzuf | sienzuf | 15 Nov 2020

I was asked to discuss Palmistry, so I started with all the fingers and thumb. With an understanding of which planets and which zodiacs represent the different parts of the hand, you can start to understand the map of the hand.

There are lines on your hand which represent:

  • Heart - Ability to connect to your emotions and to express them to others.
  • Head - Personal intellect and how you convey ideas to others.
  • Life - Major events in your life
  • Fate - Your life's path

There are also minor lines:

  • Line of Mercury; Line of Apollo; Line of Mars; Ring of Solomon and many more to discuss here.

Like with all these guides they do not predict the future. No one can predict the future. There are so many variables in life and you have free will.

Having said that, Palmists who take images of people's hands can see how the lines change over time. They take an image when you first see them and then they take an image several years later or even decades later.

It's a great way to see what your future currently looks like with the choices you are making now. By changing those choices the future will change.

Meditation and self-awareness will bring you peace and understanding. The mind will use duality to make decisions however your intuition comes from the Universal Conscious. Let go of the fear and bring Peace and Love to your life.

Peace and Love

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It's All in the Mind


It's All in the Mind

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