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By Sienzuf | sienzuf | 14 Aug 2020

We now move into external forces influencing our mind and thoughts. We are in amazing times with information everywhere. When you look at your watch you are no longer just seeing the time and date. Your phone no longer is just for making and receiving calls.

In the past not that long ago, it was much easier to control the media. You had television, radio and newspapers. You would watch TV in the morning and evening and maybe read a newspaper in between. Much easier to control your Media Mind.

Start looking at the impacts media has on your mind and thoughts. You are being given almost real-time information. What you read and what you see will have an impact on you. See what your thoughts are and what your feelings are. Did what you see make you happy, sad or angry?

The footage you see now can be quite confronting with minimal filters and what you see if equivalent to thousands of words. When you have the awareness that what you are seeing is having an impact, you will be able to manage it in a better way.

You can always have a holiday/vacation from some media. Have a day off and enjoy the world as it is without having to know what is going on in it. Maybe select certain media types to reduce or have days off from.

Remember that the news is there to report the news. They are not there to tell you all the billions of good acts which are happening every second all round the world. All the wonderful pictures which are being taken and art created. They aren't telling you how wonderful nature is and just how amazing it is. Know that there is a lot of good in the world no matter what the news is telling you.

With this deep knowing, you can feel a release from your shoulders and mind. Start having the awareness to know what has changed your mood, was it what you ate, what you saw, what you heard or what you felt?

Keep bringing awareness to yourself and start to release the tension in your mind. Relax and breathe and meditate at least once a day. Don't let your Media Mind have control over you - take that control back.

Peace and Love

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It's All in the Mind


It's All in the Mind

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