Catch your Thoughts

By Sienzuf | sienzuf | 13 Aug 2020

We have discussed meditation and observing your thoughts three times a day. Continuing with those exercises we are now observing during the whole day when you notice a change in your emotions.

I was talking to someone and I noticed I was getting agitated and losing my patience. Have the awareness to look at your thoughts during the conversation or circumstance. Knowing what your thoughts are will benefit your understanding of your life lessons. 

This person or circumstance has pushed your buttons and it’s important to learn from this. Again write it all down when you get the chance of trying not to leave it too long. 

  • What were your thoughts?
  • What were your feelings?
  • What did you feel? - example an increase in heart rate; change in breathing
  • What did you say and what did they say?
  • What was your action?
  • What was the circumstance?

It becomes like a journal entry. What you write down will help you understand your mind and any patterns. 

Now you are moving into awareness by noticing your thoughts throughout the day.

Peace and Love


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It's All in the Mind


It's All in the Mind

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