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I recently uploaded a video showing the best apps to run on an android device for a phone farm, but I kept wondering if it’s possible to farm on an ios device. I’ve done some experimenting, and I can confirm you can run a phone farm on an ios device, but it’s not as profitable, but there is profit to be made. Please note all these apps can be run on Android or iOS unless I specify otherwise. I will also not be using any referral earnings in this article to give an accurate representation of earnings for the average user.

Video Guide:

To give a bit of clarification, I’ve got an iPhone 6S here, running iOS14.5, and all the apps shown in the video can run on this phone perfectly fine. Another thing I’d like to note, you don’t need a sim plan on these phones, they work well without it, so you can it run it on any spare iPhone

Loot TV

Let’s begin, so firstly let’s look at Loot Tv. This is a website-based application, and you get paid to watch videos. You can transfer the points to a range of sites such as RewardsXP, and to name a few. This site currently earns me about 50 cents a day and is more reliable on iOS.

You can sign up by clicking here.

RewardsXP: (Highest paying) (100 coins referral bonus) (100 coins referral bonus)

Hideout TV

The next site is Sadly you can only run either Loot tv or Hideout, but I always say do the one which pays more, and for me, it’s Loot TV. It might be worth experimenting with yourself to find which one works for you. With Hideout you can cash out to loads of different sites like Swagbucks, Cointiply, and Loot up. Also if you have a strong following you can easily make money through referrals I normally make about 40 cents a day with this app

You can sign up by clicking here.

Swagbucks: (best payment options)

Cointiply: (pays out in crypto)

Loot up: (highest paying)

Ember Fund

The next app is called Ember, and this is like a Cryptotab, but more reliable, so you can log in every 24 hours and you’ll mine 5 satoshi per hour, so a total of 120 satoshi a day, I’ve left my link below for you to get started, just sign up, login in and begin mining. You can be estimated to easily earn 8 cents a day, with one check in!

You can sign up by clicking here.


There is a brilliant app called Premise, where you can do a daily survey with ease. Just log in and get started, and you can easily earn around 35 cents a day.

You can sign up by clicking here.

My Trees

Finally, you can use the app “mytrees” if it’s available in your area. This app is available in the UK, so if it’s not available, you could always change your location your apple store to download it for free. This is only available on iOS at the moment, but so will be expanding to Android. I’ll leave a pinned comment when it is available, so this is a daily check in app like cash piggy, but if you log in every day for 28 days Without breaking the login chain, you’d end up making a cheeky 17p a day (or 20 cents)

You can sign up by clicking here.


One thing I really want to mention is honeygain is available on Ios, but the app is pretty much unusable. On the app, you need to make sure you have honeygain as your main app, meaning you’ll end up only making 10 cents without any referrals and you can’t use any of the other apps.

Make sure you download Honeygain and Peer2profit on a spare android device / PC too for massive passive income.

Honeygain: (pays in BTC)
Peer2Profit: (high payout)


If you run one of the video apps, Ember and My Trees, you’d easily make around 78 cents a day. Plus more once newer apps are being discovered. I think Android is still the way to go, but if you have a spare ios device, it might be worth running these apps. Just remember you can run crypto faucets like Cointiply on iOS too, as well as move all your profits to Nexo for further passive income. On Nexo, you can get $10 free when you deposit $100 and keep it on the platform for 30 days.

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