Will Libra Cause Fb Boom in second time

By mummyrio | SIDECHAINNEWS | 29 Nov 2020

Libra will be released in 2021. Libra will be peged as 1 Usd. It means that libra will be a stable coin. 


Libra effect

The use of libra will affect all facebook users. They will get intouch with cryptocurrency. If facebook allow advertising fee on fb with libra, there will be million unbanked people use libra for ads since promoting no need credit card.


There will be more people know cryptocyrrency. This will cause of crypto booming. Facebook users from crypto community may ones with the most benefit. They can promote products on fb with libra coin. 


More people will use cryptocyrrency.

Libra will cause more people know crypto money. They may be become crypto bag holders then. Since libra is pegged 1 usd, holding libra has no good profit. People will stay on high volatile coins to speculate of earning high profit from price jump. 

Libra is a tool to introduce cryptocurrency to mass users. Time to buy crypto assets before everything is not affordable.


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