What is your favorite blogging platform to earn crypto?

By mummyrio | SIDECHAINNEWS | 3 Apr 2021

Blogging platform is an alternatives to mine coins. You can earn cryptocurrency from blogging. In the past, to earn crypto you should mine or stake coins. Then bitcointalk offers bounty jobs. After that, steem is pioneer in decentralized blogging platform that mine cryptocurrency though steem is not truly decentralized today. I do not want to argue decentralized or not. Here I will talk how blogging can give you crypto income.


1 . Hive platform is a decentralized blogging.

My biggest earning is still on hive. How about you? In hive there are some tribes that offers you side earning like leo. I earn bigger in leo than hive. To earn in leo, you should post crypto, finance and business topics. Your posts can be downvoted if you miss room to post. To earn curation in hive you should join communities. Without joining communities, you will find a difficult situation because your post will loose in network and leave unvoted. There are many good community that I recomend , foodies bee hive, leofinance, neoxian, ctp , and blogging challenge. Post in the community or the front end. You will get curation from whales or ocra or dolphins in the community.


2. Steemit

The second is steemit. Steemit gives me second earning. You should also join a community here. The bests are project hope, account booster and nutbox.


3. Publish0x

I like publish0x. However, I can not cash out my earning in eth wallet because the fee is higher than the value . I let them frozen in the wallet. I wait untill the fee of eth will be lower. I do not register kucoin. I do not know if kucoin needs KyC or not. Actually, I do not like kYC.


4. Hive tribe tokens

There are some front end of hive tribes that reward you tokens. Leofinance.io, foodiesunite.net, neoxian.city , ctptalk.com others but those are my favorites. I earn additional income from hive posting.


Those are my blogging platforms that give earning on crypto. What about you?



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